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I am the oldest living of 9 children. I had one child (a gemini so maybe I can say he' s two smile) I have 27 nieces and nephews 41 great nieces and nephews and 6 great great nieces and nephews. I guess I did my part having at least 1 to add to the family tree. My Dad had 15 brothers and sisters, my Mom had 9 brothers and sisters. Our Family tree so far I've found over 1930 family members. I got tired and gave it a rest looking about 4 months ago.

I would assume (smile) I come from a large family. Black, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Irish, Lakota and White. Hmmmm I assume that would make us blended. Now since I've told a little about my background lets step into the present.

Large Family's the plus side. Family Reunion meetings, Everyone knows the agenda. Me and my son (no grands yet) 2 votes. My sister her seven kids, their five spouses, her 20 grandchildren (31 votes) now when we count the extended family and their offspring, if you have the small family you are up a creek without a paddle when it comes to
1. Where the next annual family reunion is going to be or who will sponsor it. (Now if they pick your city, state and it's only you and your son. You better have a sizeable bank account to book a banquet hall and caterers to hold at least 500 to 750 men, women and children. Yeah we know each person over 12 pays full price $25 for the Reunion program dinner but we all know that is not going to happen and you love em all so you better walk with the caterers, when they count the plates they served. (hahaha been there done that and we got most of the money but we forgot to add the gratuitiy and taxes so instead of letting our aunts and uncles know we fudged up, we just paid the rest and kept our mouth shut since we'd been trying to get them to let us grandchildren sponser a reunion) But you guys' IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

Large Families the negative side: There isn't any.

I read these post today and cracked up, felt sorry for some of you and your children from the crap you put up with, loved the way some of you handled it and had a tidbit of advice for some of the others. Since I only have one child I will not make any comments about other's post. I have baby sat since I was a shorty (pre teen) and helped raised my siblings (parents had to work to keep all of us in food, clothing and shelter. Kept my house, child proof during the growing up of my nieces and nephews, now this 3rd generation of weaker but wiser, I tip around them they're sooooooooo smart.

My nieces 3 year old daughter was shedding tears because her Dad had chastised her for screaming to the top of her lungs when her 5 year old brother accidently on purpose knocked her ice cream cone on the ground. So her Dad said, "I'm sorry Nya" Nya said "Sorry don't make it feel no better"

Don't you just love em


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When ever we have family reunions its fun . At this point I am the cousin with the most kids and I love it. My grandma was 1 of 9 i think and grandpa was 1 of 12 or 13 i can't remember. So when I called up my grandma to tell her that we have another on the way, she was happy for me. she told me once that i was the one she saw having many kids cause I love kids so much and since I was lil have wanted to be a mom. can't get enough of it. The man i am with now wants a big family too so finally I have someone thatdidn't look at me like I was nuts for saying I wanted 12 kids lol lovin life here.I have the 4th on the way and I don't see me being done anytime soon.

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