Do you think my daughter will be ok with my baby??

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I have a 2 year old daughter and I am due my second baby in February. My daughter absolutely loves babies, Shes interacted with lots of babies and other children and shes always fine and I had never thought about it before untill one of my friends suggested that she would be jelouse of my baby when its born? I dont think she will I think she will be ok as long as I let her be involved helping with bath or bum changes and feeds but some of my friends think she will be jelouse of another baby now im worried?? What do other mums think??


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My daughter acted out the first 2wks after my son came home. I didn't notice much of a difference at home but her teacher noticed it at school. She was the only child for 4yrs so I know she thought "who is this person taking my mommy form me?" She got used to having another person around & she loves her brother so much now! Just try to include her in things that involve the baby to show her that you didn't forget about her. Like let her get a diaper, or one of the baby's toys or something. I know when the baby is sleep you'll want to sleep but try to spend time with your daughter while the baby is sleeping.

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We have always let the older kid(s) help. I was amazed when I had my second at how much love my older daughter had for him (she had just turned three). We are now expecting our 8th child and its not "mama is having another baby" but "We are having a baby". A little jealousy is normal but I've never had a problem with it - more jealousy issues when they get older, but not of of the baby, they love the baby (they sometimes fight over a new baby). I let them "help" a lot so they are taking care of THEIR baby brother/sister.

Just let these "friends" talk all they want to and you just take it all with a grain of salt (like all baby advise, in one ear and out the other - Mom knows best!)

Enjoy your babies! and Congratulations!

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Yvette is right and make sure you do spend a little one on one time with your daughter so she feels like you still love her.... little kids may think when the new baby comes mommy and daddy love the new baby more.... so make time for them both alone and then together play.... it will make them both happy and help bond =) congrats on the new baby

Yvette - posted on 11/01/2009




Jealously is perfectly normal and in no way an indication of your parenting skills. I have found the best way is to involve other siblings as and when they choose to help. Ask family and close friends to bring your daughter a small gift and special big sister card on the baby's arrival. Another idea is to buy a gift for your daughter place it in the baby's crib when you are still in hospital addressed to your daughter from her new brother/sister. As the weeks and months go by be sensitive to bonding opportunities and be willing to make allowances for a few extra tears than usuall. I hope some of this helps ,all the best x

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