kids the around the same age!

Jennifer - posted on 11/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




We have 6 kids, they very in age staring from 13 down to 3 yrs old with only a year if that in between them. Sometimes its very difficult to manage all of them at them same time, they all have similar needs and wants and all want it at the same time. How do we cope with this? Our house is very busy from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, does it ever get easier? Will me and my fiance start seeing thigs on the same page? and even just having a little more time with one and other?. Any ideas?



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Louise - posted on 12/07/2010




i have 5 kids the eldest is 15 and youngest 9 i found that making different spaces around the house so they can seperate if they need there own time and things to keep them busy it does get easier as they get older but it also comes with different problems like hormones if im busy doing cooking then i normal have one with me to help out and no more than two in each room that tends to keep things less hectic less arguments my kids still go to there rooms by about 830-9pm so me and partner have our time routine and structure does help with larger families

Linda - posted on 11/16/2010




Schedule time for each other or you will never find the time. A once a week date night is very important. Get a sitter or send the kids to spend a few hours at friends homes and spend time together even if it is just at a local coffee shop for a quiet cup share with just the two of you. Also use a daily planner to keep track of the kids schedules and make special time for each of them. I had 6 - 7 children in my home at all times. Each one had a special time with Mom during the week - they helped me plan, shop, and prepare a meal of their choosing for the whole family. Rule was that no one could criticize and we all sat at a well set table together. So this was every night of the week except date night, The other thing I found helpful is that everyone shared in the daily chores starting at age 6 (with age appropriate tasks). You and your fiance may not always see eye-to-eye but at least come to an agreement on how to disagree so the authority in the home is maintained.

Crissy - posted on 11/05/2010




We have 8 kids, 6 boys and twin girls and we have been there and done that. What has helped us is that we have a routine and stick with it. Computers/video games are off limits during the week unless its school related. We only had one bathroom when we started out so we staggered wake up times, high school at 6am, middle school at 630am and elementary at 7am. Everyone had their own chore to do even the young ones that weren't in school. Dinner time, is the time to sit at the table and talk about the day and everyone helped clean up after. We would hold family meetings when things needed to be discussed and everyone had a voice in the house. We also had quiet time for homework and settling down for bed. Again, we staggered bedtime so that the older ones didn't feel babied and the younger ones saw that everyone had rules to follow. It seems to work as they get along and we are now at our 8th anniversary.

Cara - posted on 11/05/2010




I have four between 8 and 4 and am waiting to adopt a child between the ages of 6-0. During the school year I watch a 1 year old and two 2 year olds. I don't think my house will ever be quiet unless they are all playing outside. I encourage that as much as possible (little ones outside only with me). Christmas and birthday gifts are often things that they can play with outside together. We have a huge swingset and will soon have an outdoor trampoline. We have an indoor enclosed trampoline for winter time.
Time together with my hubby is done after the children go to bed. We have a very strict 8:30 bedtime and start them getting ready at 8:00pm so that teeth, jammies, and story will be done on time. They are not allowed out of bed until 8:00am on Saturdays so that we can sleep in. They have books near their beds to keep them busy until then.
You and your fiance need to sit down together now and iron out all of the discipline issues ASAP. Both of you will have to compromise with each other and start the meeting on a nonemotional level. Children need consistency and you can not do that until you are both on the same page.

Elizabeth - posted on 11/04/2010




My husband and I have 5 kids ages 4 (boy), identical twins that just turned 3 (boys), a 2 year old (boy), and an 8 month old daughter (girl). Even though my kids are much younger, in my experience it DOES get easier. It will make it easier if the kids all get along.

Katrina - posted on 11/04/2010




hi i also have 6 kids aged between 13 to 2 but i am also pregnat with twins i no how you feel my house is never calm or quiete my partner works all the time so he is only here when its time for the kids to got to bed so i do it all myself, i start at 5 and dont finish unitll im in bed and that around 12 most of the time, i would love to no how to handle everything at once or just to have some me time but i think if everything was to go so smooth i would think something was wrong, sorry i couldent help you but i hope you find some answers as im always looking for some good luck on everything and take one day at a time its the only way you can do it if you dont wont to be vey strest good luck

Marie - posted on 11/03/2010




wow-I feel for you! i don't know if it will work yet, but i'm looking into a discipline program called Smart Discipline. I think it will help me and my husband get more on the same page and we would have consistant rules and consequences that both of us could enforce. The program emphasizes having written rules and when a rule is broken there is an x placed on the childs chart. After so many x's they would start to lose Privileges. It might be worth checking out.

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