My 16 year old is somewhat out of control?

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I have a 16 year old, who has three younger 1/2 siblings and two stepsisters. I can't seem to keep my 16 year old from thinking she can do what she wants when she wants. I have gotten her help (which she didn't want). She doesn't even try to get along with my husband at all, they are always getting into arguements. does anyone have suggestions on how to make her listen and respect my husband, herself, and me?


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Put her in charge of something. My 14 yr old daughter is a teacher at Ballet, my main baby sitter and the kids have to answer to me if they do not obey her (she answers to me if I do not like her rules), and helps clean house, do dishes and does her own laundry. She is independent and responsible. She mouths of occasionally, but rarely. When she is in charge I do not second guess her to the other kids. I take her asside and respect her desire to learn authority and her position as a young adult.

We need to quit thinking of teens as kids or teens. think of them as young adults in training as we will train them to be responsible.

Best wishes.

Mother of 10...6 boys and 4 girls.

also...2 step sons, my son and 7 half siblings.

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is she the eldest? maybe shes feeling less important because at 16 although shes probably able to take care of herself, she doesnt want to be the 'grown up' yet! i was the eldest in my family and as my parents were busy i didnt have much time to myself or 1 on 1 with either of my parents! she may be resenting all the time and energy you spend on everything else and not her! although im not saying it should be tollerated! she does need to show respect but i think theres a reason behind it, once you find out why youll be able to stop it!

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