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Kandice - posted on 10/03/2013




Hello. I am 37. When me and my husband made it official and got together almsot three years ago...I came into the relationship with a 16, 13, and 10 year old daughter. He had a 10 year old son, and a almost 2 year old daughter. It may be ignorant but since we wanted a child together, and we really felt we were soul mates, we immediately started trying for a baby. I became pregnant within the first two months, but sadly msicarried at 4 months. Didn't give up, started trying immediately again. I became pregnant in a month, and now we have a beautiful baby together, she just turned one. NO REGRETS at all. And we are trying for a 2nd. All the kids live with us. My daughters father is absent piece of crap. His ex is crazy, so we had to get the hid kids from her. Do what you feel. BUT it definately does come with added stress, you have to divide your time so many ways. But it all balances out the older they get. Sometimes you can have one PRO and twenty CONS but if that one PRO is the biggest feeling in your "heart"...screw all the cons haha. Life is meant to be lived, not debated on all the what if's.

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