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Granny - posted on 06/24/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I would like to address not only parent "parenting" But also grand parents "Grand parenting".. Grand parenting is becoming a larger and larger group , We have or are still raising our children and now are adding our grand children into the grid we often take over because mom and dad simply lack the know how to raise their children due to age , maturity levels (doesn't always apply to chronological age,but more mentality) financial capabilities , housing (or lack of proper housing ) death , service (such as serving our country) incarceration , substance abuse or any number of other reasons including placement threw CPS ... Some Children are sent off to be reared by grand parents just simply by a signed Guardian Ship paper that maybe even granny typed out on the computer ,printed and had mommy sign , some go threw more elaborate courses even threw the court systems "some even do all this with out any paper work".....Grand Parents will go threw all sorts of twists and turns trying to ensure that their little grandchildren will have the best in medical (medical doctor to catch children up on immunizations,or seek help in ongoing or sudden illness ) mental/emotional ( such as seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist for diagnosis or continued help in obvious or not so obvious problems) physical (Physical therapists , pathologists , occupational eating problems) The stress and even financial ruin (or near) can be devastating for the grand parent who often has to begin this journey unprepared for what it holds some times the children are not effected by any problem .... but then there are those that as each day passes,even with therapy,and psychology involved you wonder how on earth you can continue " Behavioural problems" can strike out in ways that can send one reeling Some time the child/ren can have a diagnosis such as ODD ,ADHD ,Fetal Alcohol Syndrome , Asperger Syndrome or any number of things.,, some conditions can be medicated to help control some not ....even once a diagnosis is made it may only be part of the problem there may be continued questioning is there more that is wrong .. And often times Grand Parents find it hard to find the right resources to help them help their little charges , Not that all grand parent , Parenting it shifted to only younger children because there is ofter the shift to older children who are not old enough to be on their own and that may be bringing a whole new lot of problems that on some occasions can turn into adult or elder abuse the grand parents being the victim... In closing I will add another sad part ... That the Parents who may be young and capable ( often more so then the grand parents ) At times "doing what is best for the children by sending them off to be Grand Parented, never say thank you unless they feel pressured (and then it is given in such away that is more of aggravation or obligation then truly felt ) rarely ever offer to help in any financial supporting of their own children but may prove to be very demanding and selfish in things they want such as picture updates... calling maybe once a month to complain on how their life is going rarely asking about the kids ...if ever, sometime even asking for money for themselves so they can buy gas or McDonalds....LOL... Oh those perfect Priorities....I welcome your replies,comments,inputs.... ♥ Granny


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Chaya - posted on 07/10/2012




I applaud the grandparents who take on their grandchildren. One of my friends is raising her great granddaughter. For me, not raising grandchildren, but fosters, I insist on being involved with a supportive church. I don't need monies from the church, and will not accept it, but sometimes I need a break, I can ask someone from church to take the kids for ice cream or a movie, not punishment, a break. It doesn't matter what church, mosque synogogue, or temple, just get involved in one.

Amber - posted on 06/30/2012




This is very true in every aspect. There is not many resources out there for grandparents to get help or assistance in any way. I hope that in the future there will be, as I feel these situations will definitely be on the rise because of the economy.

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