Taxes/cops/and a bm from hell!!!

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Okay so that this all makes sense my bf and I have been together over a year now and we have a 6mo. He had been separated from his ex almost a year when we met. He filed Feb 14th 2008 but his lawyer had complications w/ her pregnancy and w/drew from his case then his hours got cut at work and he was paying for ALL the daycare for THEIR THREE kids she wouldn't even help w/ diapers! So needless to say he got behind on bills 3mo behind on the mortgage so a lawyer was the last thing he could afford. He had payless divorce file the papers the second time putting everything SHE wanted in them just to get it over w/. everything was fine till she saw where they put him as primary because they use our address to go to school and at the time she lived in a completely different town than where they go to school. so she literally threw the papers in his face and refused to sign! So we did what we were advised by payless to do and we filed for full custody and since she claimed 2 of the kids and he claimed one it was put in the papers that he would get to claim 2 this year he gets odd years she gets even years. Well we get his W2'S the other day and we called her to find out which one she claimed and she said "well looks like your screwed cuz I claimed ALL THREE!" Now we owe 2000 dollars in taxes!!! And if that wasn't bad enough she shows up at 8am w/ the the oldest and youngest doesn't even get out to tell me the oldest had been throwing up all night! I had our daughter at the ER all the night b4 and she has RSV and isn't supposed to be around sick kids. so I called her and simply said look I don't appreciate you dropping a sick kid off w/ me and not even telling me that since she had claimed all 3 of the kids then she should have money to stay home w/ HER KIDS! She hung up and I just sat there holding my sick baby thinking. @ 10am I went in his room and asked him if he felt better he said yes and made a joke about farting so I was sure then he was well enough to go to school I already had enough to deal w/ I didn't need one more kid to deal w/. So I told his dad at work and went home about 2hrs later he calls and says the cops and his ex mother-n-law was at his shop demanding he leave work and go get his son from school! He called the school nurse and she told him the bm was coming to get him already so he had no reason to leave work. instead of going home and taking care of him she comes to the house screaming and yelling threatening me while my baby is laying on the couch feet from us I'm not one to hold my tongue very well so I told her exactly what I think about her and she kept saying she brought him to me cuz it was my bf's day so I kept reminding her that I have a sick baby and she is his mother and I will never compromise my babys health bcuz she can't be a mother everyday to her kids and that just bcuz its his day doesn't take the fact away that she is their mom NOT ME! So in the midst of all that she call her mom and dad of which used to be the chief of police in this town and so they call a few cop buddys to come to the house . To this day idk y she called them except so that she could sit out in front of the house till he got there then she tried reading him the same riot act w/ them there to back her up. She sat out there leaning on the cop car talking shit about me and my daughter saying I was his mistress and he kicked her and her kids out to move me and our baby in which is so far from the truth its insane! She was telling them that I was lucky they got there in time cuz she was going to kick my ass and they did NOTHING about her threatening me! She said her name was still on the house and if she wanted she could come in kick my baby and I out and move back in and that there was nothing we could do about it ! they all had a big laugh about that one. I want to move I'm sick of being harrased by her and her family and the cops but we are stuck till the divorce. Now that she screwed us in the taxes we have no money for a lawyer and its back to pay the mortgage or get a lawyer. I hate how she tries to control our house hold and how we run our life she tried to tell me to get a job and put our baby in daycare so that I could help him pay bills . she has told my bf that I'm cheating and our baby isn't his she still thinks she controls our every move cuz they are still technically married and we are living in the house they shared w/ both their names on it. meanwhile I'm supposed to take care of my baby AND their THREE kids happily!? wth am I supposed to do? how do we deal w/ all this?


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holy cow, i sure hope you feel better about it all now , that you got to vent, im sorry youre having troubles, i feel bad for you with the sick baby there, and her ill child,just remember one thing, just because shes not responsible doesnt mean you get to be like her

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