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hey peeps, how are you all doing? im doing alot better, finally beginning to come to terms that my pos husband is a deadbeat and what he did is totally unforgivable, came to that after i found out we weren't even seperated a month when he started dating a girl that is my twin, and after court when he conned me into writing out an agreement instead of letting the judge tear him a new one, needless to say, he did not follow through, and is going to concerts and shit, and is with some girl instead of caring about his son. soo im getting a lawyer tomorrow and i am going for the throat, anything he has, i want, all his money will be coming to me, he can live in poverty for a while lmao he owes me backpay of 1200 bucks just for child support and over 2 or 3 grand for spousal, im soo gunna be laughing, also trying this new dating site thingy and things are looking good, i feel beautiful again and special and omg my son is more amazing by the day. he is growing soo fast and im loving being a mom so much. just hate this lonely feeling but i am truly getting better so its good. also gaining back all the friends i lost because of dummy and things are really starting to look up, now i just need my money and i am soo outta my mothers house, she is an ignorant bitch and i really can't stand her shes the one who wanted me here and now shes just being absolutly evil. i hate it. but anyways just thought i would touch base. :) love you guys xoxo


Ginny - posted on 11/04/2009




Sorry he is still an ass. But I'm glad you're doing good and that you are going to take him for all he's worth! I hear ya on the whole moving thing. I'm outta here as soon as Kellen is born. I found a great townhouse and I'm #1 on the list, just have to wait for the little guy to get here for us to fall under the "family" category. I'm glad you're getting out there and trying the whole dating thing. Let me know how it works out. That's what sucks about being pregnant, no one wants to date you. I would love to just go out for dinner and have a night out that doesn't involve worrying about what I'm gonna do when he gets here. Oh you'll get a kick outta this. So sperm donor is going around telling everyone that HE got a restraining order against me. Umm ya I'm pretty sure that my name is listed and signed as the petitioner on the court order that the judge signed and the county clerk notorized. What a dumbass. Here's an idea if you're gonna lie, make sure you don't tell people who know, and like me! LMAO he's gonna get his and when he does it's gonna be nasty! Anywho I miss chit chatting with you and I'm really happy for you and Scotty! :-) love ya!

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