Law of Attraction Moms

Hi! This is a site for parents who follow The Law of Attraction, and either understand or want to know more about how to live by it. Abraham-Hick quote: "The most significant thing for a parent to contribute to anyone, is their own Connection and their own stability. An effective parent is a happy parent. An effective parent is a parent who laughs easily and often, and who doesn't take things so seriously." ~ Excerpted from the workshop in Albany, NY on Monday, October 1st, 2001. Please be considerate of other's views. This is a place for mutual respect, support, kindness, and love.


my name is shannon

this book changed my life and the way i thought, my mom always told me what you put out there is what you get back and what comes around goes around and positive energy, it took...


Basic Law of Attraction

Law Of Attraction There is one infinite power and we all guide ourselves by the same laws. The laws of the universe are so precise; we can build a spaceship, send people to...


Love and The Law of Attraction

The Law of Love: The primary law is the Low of Love; all things exist within this law and are create out of it. Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. Love...