LDS moms who have miscarried or lost a child

This community is for LDS moms who have lost a child of any age from before their due date to grown children. Our faith makes it easier, but support from others is also a great help.


My angles

I have lost two babies. The first the day before Thanksgiving in 2003, I was 11 weeks pregnant. The second was this last December and I carried him for 18 weeks. Just...


The hard questions

I was just wondering if you'd like to share, when was you loss or losses? If you've had more kids after that. And the hardest one for me right now will you try for another...


COM Badges

I have a question. I have looked at other profiles and I would like to know how do you get other badges. I have seen profiles where women have a witty badge I motivational badge...


It is time

I had my IUD taken out two weeks ago. I felt a little silly going into my dr. and saying "I know I asked you to put it in two months ago, but I want it gone." I never really...


One year

Tomorrow it will be one year from when we found out that our baby's heart had stopped. I was 18 weeks pregnant and had no warning signs that something was wrong. Most of the...