Does anyone have any ideas for family home evening with a 4 month old?

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Where would i start, i have been in a member about 2 years now and havent really done family home evening


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music works awesome!!!!! babies love music and you can always start you FHE as usual with a song (could be a nursery song with hand moves etc) a prayer (I noticed our 11 month old gets very quiet every time he sees us praying...I don't think he understand what is really going on but he as learn that he is supposed to be quiet) have a small lesson with husband and then read a little story from the Bof M picture book... you will be surprise what a baby can learn

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when my boy was that age I would show him a picture of the temple or of the Savior he loved the Temple would stare at the picture all the time and you can get short scripture stories on the cardboard books my little one loved Noahs ark because of the pictures of the animals at that age he never listened to the story but he loved the pictures


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we put our 5 month old to bed first and focus on the older two kids for FHE. We only let the oldest join in when he was 3.5 years. The second one joins in now and he is 2.5years, but he seems to handle the later evenings better than his brother did at that age. Focus on lessons for your own spiritual edification right now - maybe your husband and you could work through the celestial marriage manual or other institute manuals, teaching each other each week...

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I need to shape up on FHE too. My oldest is 3 1/2 and we've probably done FHE a handful of times. I think it would be a good idea to read a conference talk or an article from the Ensign with your husband and then play a game. When your child gets older, I recommend subscribing to the Friend or accessing it online. It has a coloring page and stories for little ones. The Nursery manual "Behold Your Little Ones" is great too. It outlines exactly what song to sing, how to do the lesson, and always has a coloring page or something similar. One of my favorite Christmas presents was from my sister. She compiled all the gospel art pictures that have scriptures and stories on the back in binders. It's easy to pull a picture out and read the scripture on the back. All of these resources are really inexpensive through or free online.

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When my daughter was one and was letting me read stories to her, we got a set of picture scriptures to read together. At first I just told her about the pictures, then we'd go back and read, all depending on how long she's sit still. I did this for several years and it helped her understand the stories. She's now 15 and has a great love of the scriptures!

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Reading out loud from the scriptures is a wonderful place to start out. also taking your baby for a walk around temple grounds ( if you are near one) is great to just start by doing activities that invite the spirit into your home and life and as your baby grows adjust your activity/lesson to his/her age has lots of ideas for fhe :) it doesn't matter where you start just that you are starting.

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I am not very persistan at FHE I have a 6 and 3 year old and 4 month baby. Since your 4 month old is way to young to understand anything you have to say, try doing things judt for you and your husband. Do an activity on tithing, fast offerings. Way to improve you church callings if you have any. Things that could benefit you and your husband. But for now there is nothing you can really do th involve you 4 month old. Hope this helps!!!

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