Ideas on Quiet church activities

MaryAnn - posted on 11/27/2008 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am trying to find ways to keep my 1 yr old occupied in sacrament meeting. Does anyone have any good quiet activity ideas??? Besides feeding him a handful of cheerios every few seconds :)


Emily - posted on 11/27/2008




Hi MaryAnn! I wish I had some ideas, we are spending most of our sacraments in the Foyer these days.


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Jessica - posted on 04/21/2009




I use a homemade quiet book with lots of thing to doin in it from matching to counting and spelling her name on it

Barbara - posted on 02/19/2009




i have i-spy bags for my kids. my mommies group made a few a couple weeks ago and even my 8 year old is entertained by it. they are really easy to make!

Melissa - posted on 02/13/2009




I bring special "Sunday" toys, too, but sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't, but some of the other moms I sit by also bring toys, so we swap and they kids have something "new" to play with!

Vilate - posted on 02/02/2009




So I have the best thing ever for you!  I used to sell this, but I haven't for a while. It is still great and they have LDS things since the gal that started it all is LDS.  Her is a link to the LDS products they have!  The toogles are the best!  At the bottom on the right.

good luck!

Jamie - posted on 12/04/2008




I always bring books & activities that help him keep quiet. Cayden loves to participate in the sacrament, he is 21 months now & has been doing this for a while. I tell him when we are going to say the prayer & he sits down & crosses his arms. I then whisper in his ear as the boys are passing the sacrament, what the boys are doing. They are passing the bread, look... that family gets a piece of bread, it's almost your turn.... Things like that. When he is older I will tell him the symbolic reason we take it. For now, he is just excited to get that piece of bread & water. If you 1 year old wants to wander around, that is ok too. I let Cayden visit other people. I haven't had anyone make a comment or face that they are annoyed. Most people try to get him to come visit them. It's cute to see others interact with him. Good luck!

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Oh yes, I also try and get him to sit still at least till Sacrament is over. he loves to take his own bread and water, and now wants to pass the tray himself. But he is only allowed to do that if he has been "good".

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hahaha - if you come accross any please let me know.

My nearly 2 year old's favourite pastime is to walk up onto the stand and have loud conversations with everyone sitting there (thank goodness he hasn't tried it with stake visitors etc YET!)

What I find works for a while is to have a sunday bag. This is only for sacrament meetings - and I put some special books and quiet toys in it - plastic farm animals, stacking cups, colouring pages - things that he loves doing, but the toys in this bag are only for sundays. He loves to wheel his little bag into the chapel and off to Nursery afterwards.

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