Lesbian Families in Maryland

In a country where the LGBT community is often overlooked or harshly judged and compared to the social norms of society, it seems our community has but a small footprint in a large world. Our most powerful ally is forming supportive relationships with other LGBT community members and gaining the assistance of our entire community. We are a two mom family and we want our children to understand that we can make as strong a foot print in the world as heterosexual families. Our Children need to know they are not alone and there are other positive same sex families in their community. Positive Women (Singles, Couples, Families, Children) Making Positive Choices will provide our community with stability, opportunities to foster a strong well-being, and structured social/charitable activities. I for one am tired of our community being all about partying and club themed events. We needed more for ourselves and our families so we chose to give back and make a difference. We will have many events that are family friendly, and events that are couple friendly and most importantly events that are just for US GIRLs. So come and be apart of PWMPC cause we doing great THINGS! http://www.meetup.com/Positive-LGBT-Families-Making-Positive-Choices/