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Hi my name is stacy n my partner n i have been together for 7yr now we have two amazing children together! when i meet her our son had just turned 2 (he is now 8 soon to b 9) and she had just left her ex boy friend (we started off as freinds prior to our 8yr relationship)we started dating right after we were together for about 5 mon and found out she was 6mon pregnate had no idea she gained no weight and got her period . I was there for everything i cut the cord n stold beside her in hospital for the 3day ! Our relationship is amazing more can i could ever ask for i love her and our kids my concern is this whole time its been us niether one of ours fathers have been in there life not a phone call or anything but we recently seen our daughters donors mom yesterday and she wanted pictures n numbers and addresses n i`m mot quit sure how i feel about that in my eyes thats my child i`ve been raising her i was there in the hospital i`m the reason my fiance kept her at the time she was unsure n i told i`d be by her side the whole way n i have ! We lived around the coner from my daughters donor for 2yr n out of those 2yrs he walked around twice i`m really stressed out about the whole situation any thought sam i being selfish


Victoria Ann - posted on 08/10/2012




This is just my opinion but in my recent experience with divorcing my childrens father and coming out as a lesbian I have found that the more people in my childrens lives the better. As long as I feel they are beneficial enough to be in their lives I wouldnt see anything wrong with it. But it does strike me as kind of offish that the woman just now wants something to do with the boy. Why didnt she come forward a long time ago if she really want to be a part of the childs life.


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Denise - posted on 01/01/2013




I agree with Victoria, the fact that she is showing interest now should raise a red flag. I have been with my wife for 5 years and she too is my first relationship with a woman. I would advise you to get her contact info, don't give her too much of yours, and she if she even bothers to have a relationship with the child. In the mean time I would look into getting something in paper that you are the other parent of this child (I.e. through court custody, second parent adoption, etc) just to cover you and your family in the case she tries anything with you guys.

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