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Welcome new members! I have not been been checking this as regularly as I would like but I will start...I think supporting each other is necessary!

How is everyone?

Let's hear a little about your situations....about mine: I have been with my partner almost five years and we have an 11 year old and a 13 year, both from her previous marriage. They are wonderful kids and I feel so blessed to be in thier lives. Of course we have our challenges (as with any kids).. These are things like: discipline, how the kids explain to thier friends that I am thier mom's same sex partner, having custody half the time, our extended family and thier beliefs, etc......

When I first got in this relationship I looked many places for advice. There is a lot available about being a step-parent and that helps, but not much is specific to the same-sex step parenting role. Our biggest challenge at the beginning was explaining our relationship to the kids.

I would love to hear how others did this, and if any of you know of any resources out there that I may have never come across.


Tina - posted on 04/23/2011




Hello...this is my first post within this sight, so thank you for the opportunity. I'm afraid I cannot offer much experience in this area. My wife and I will celebrate our two year anniversary in June. My four step-children were as good as my own almost instantly. As a family we have our moments but over all, it is heaven on earth for my. Even those moments of turbulence are wonderful to have. My kids are 13, 12, 8 (soon to be nine), and 7. Two have autism and communication can be challenging. I believe that we talk about everything, to a degree, with our children without over analyzing it...thanks to my wife. I personally over think everything :) Conversations are more two-sided with the 13 year old, but everyone is welcome to speak their minds. My wife and I talk about everything, and sometimes she even indulges me and lets me get carried away before she reels me in.
My point is that open communication is a must in my life and my family. We learn, grow, and become stronger together. Anyway, thank you again for the chance to say "hello".

I hope more people have comments for you in this area, as I hope to read as much as possible on the subject.

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