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I have been lead to shar on some of the communities my life story. I had a brain tumor at 4 months old. It put pressure on my optic nerve. They took the tumor out. I was wearing glasses at 6 months old. Then tumor was not cancerous. I had 4 eye surgeryies, I was in the hospital for pneumonia, I had my tonsils out at 7 years old.
I went to Overbrook School for the blind in Philadelphia PA. When I was 16 I found out I have an underactive thyroid, When I was 21 years old I found out that I had allergies. I am allergic to grass, weeds, trees, pollind, Dust mites, Mold, Cats, and Lillacs. Which I love the smell of them but can not be around it. When I was 30 I had to have my gull bladder removed. I had stones in my pancreits and in my ducdt. They had to do surgery the old fashion way. I was very sick. My vision had stabled when I was a young child. It has been the same for 30 years something like that. I can not drive. Alot of people came against our marriage. We did get married and have a wounderful little boy. My husband has his problems to. He has 12 different types of seizures, blood clots, mini strokes. When he was born his Mom said she went to the doctor and siad I am in labor, She went home and 3 hours later she came back to the hospital and said no now I am in labor and they said yes she was in labor and it was too late. He had a bowl movement inside her womb. It went down his throat, ears eyes nose and throat. He was having seizures and stuff when he was coming out. They did not think he would make it. He did not have enough oxygen to the brain. Still does not have the oxygen to his brain that he needs. He can not work. He gets dizzy and has passed out on a job. I do not work because it takes away from the money that he gets. So it is tough money wise. But with the Lords help we make it through. I was verbally and mentally abused as a child and adulthood as well. Frank was verbally and mentally abused as well as physcaly. His dad was a pastor when he was in his teen years and on. He would tell some one something in private and people would tell his parents right away. So he has alot of trust issues. We have been married for 11 and a half years. God bless you all.


Suzanne - posted on 05/11/2010




Amy, that is an incredible story and you and your husband are truly an inspiration. God bless you.

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