Let's Change the Child Support Laws in VA

I have created this group for the soul purpose to gather info from valid sources, get in-put from single parents who have delt w the child support system, and to find a way to help us single parents change the corrupted Laws for child support in Virginia. Examples.: Non-cust. parent has a whole 30 days to pay support (no bill ever gives you 30 days to pay!), does not have to start paying support until he/she is taken to court (support does not automatically start when the child is/was born), signing over rights is as easy as 2 signatures (an easy out!), but with only 1 signature (from custodial parent)-dead beat parent can refuse to sign (even if they never see the child or pay support), making it impossible for custodial parent, who has been married or remarried, to be given the chance for their spouse to adopt the child. There are so many more issues with child support, and I hope, with your help, we can CHANGE these laws!