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Sara - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




Does anyone have ideas for creative craft projects my kids can do? They're all under 10


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Charlene - posted on 06/08/2010



2 can take your son's love of dinosaurs one step further and make your own "dinosaur dig". Hide some plastic dinosaurs in your son's sand box then set him loose with his "tools - shovel, brush, etc" to excavate his find....Another idea is to use the balsa wood dinosaur "bones" instead...then he needs to "put his dinosaur together". :)

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This probably needs parent supervision, but paper mache is super cheap. Also, fimo clay is fun, they could make beads, you could heat it for a few minutes in a low oven and they could string you a beautiful necklace. Check the web. Do a Google search for craft projects. I try to slip in a little education when they are not looking. ;)

Tracie - posted on 05/22/2010




Look up the words PUFF PAINT RECIPE on line, then with a paper plate or just paper, they can make awesome pictures that rise and look really neat (cooked in the microwave for about a minute.)
Anything natural to make a collage, stones/leaves/sand etc, with pva glue or wallpaper paste (or a mixture of the two make a real strong glue) Paper plates again are great for this. Stones and Google Eyes to make Pet Rocks - Invest in a glue gun (there are low melt ones for small children) ;-)

Dana - posted on 05/17/2010




I made "fossils" with my kids, ages 5 and 8. We took modelling clay (not playdoh or plastecine) and pressed it into deep styrofoam trays. We then took cooking oil and coated some plastic dinosaurs and fish. We pressed the creatures into the modelling clay firmly, then removed them. We mixed up some plaster of paris and poured it over the modelling clay. After about an hour we removed the plaster of paris from the trays and voila! Fossils! It took a couple of days for them to harden completely, but now that they are hard, we plan to paint them. My son is really into dinosaurs, so I also want to get a shadow box to put his fossils in as they turned out really well. You can find great instructions for all kinds of neat crafts at Hope this helps!

Lisa - posted on 05/08/2010




my son loves to paint. have washable child-safe paints & an empty egg carton. I get the primary colors first and from there I show him what colors mixed make other colors until we have all colors. you may just do the colors that you know. from there I have newspapers down. I have him paint on a small planter...this is good for all ages because they can't mess up & even paint inside if they want. after painting you may want to have a book on gardening or nature while the paint dries & have soil & plants for even your young growers to put in their very own planters. I found that my son learned alot about taking care of something that was his very own. this teaches younger children how nature is & I feel it is a great craft to do w/children. first your teaching them colors, then they get to paint, they learn about nature, then get their hands dirty & plant. great activity/project for children under 10. my son did this age 2&half.

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In Autumn my son and I gather up different colored leaves to make wax paper place mats. Place the leaves between 2 place mat sized sheets of wax paper and run a warm iron over them to melt the wax together. They are fun addition to the dinner table for Thanksgiving :)

Michele - posted on 05/03/2010




bagel cut in half
peanut butter
bird seeds

spread peanut butter onto flat part of bagel.
take a plate and pour a layer of bird seeds in.
take the bagel and press into seeds
Hang up on a branch or tie to something ..
it's quick and easy to do and kids will enjoy watching the birds eat from it.

play scavenger hunt with them..hide some things around and have them look for them..

blind fold and give instructions for them to draw a picture..see how well u did.

there are many craft ideas on net for kids of all ages..

Take some water and add dish soap to it along with food coloring..Have ur child blow bubbles in it..when there is enough bubbles take a sheet of papper and gentle touch onto bubbles... when u remove the paper u will have a print of the can be decorated or left the way it is..

Leslie - posted on 04/25/2010




we just made pinecone birdfeeders. all we had to do was mix bird seed and shortening ( or you can use suet) and packed it into the pinecones. we tied them from branches with string and the birds have loved it. Now we've been watching the birds while we play in the yard !

Laura - posted on 04/23/2010



I always find some great crafts on these two sites. You can also check out Michaels websites and stores. They always have something going on. Oh and is a good one too, especially for printing coloring pages! Hope this helps!

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I love doing crafts with my son, one real cute one we did was make an animal with his face in the middle. It was real easy too, all you need is construction paper, paper bowls, and cute pictures. The way we did it was we would cut out a circle in the paper bowls, place his picture there, and add parts of an animals face to it and he loved it. We also did the same thing with his cousin, who is a girl, and we made flower one for her. They both loved it and it was fun to hang it up in his room.

Shannon - posted on 04/19/2010




Good question - especially with summer vacation coming up. I am NOT a crafty person. There are books you can get with all kinds of ideas. Some free non-messy ideas I have are...
Sink or float. Collect things that can get wet and through them into a kiddie pool outside (or bathtub).
Make a nature insired mobile (sticks, fishing line, pine cones...).
Sidewalk chalk is always fun. Older kids could make a track/road for the younger ones to ride along - then they could draw cartoon boxes or something more elaborate. All my ideas are going to be outside because I really hate messes:)

Dawn - posted on 04/12/2010




Super easy and good for younger boys/girls with help from Mom & Dad: buy fun-shaped oven-safe molds (silicon ones work great), break up crayons, fill 3/4's of the way into the mold, bake for 5-7 minutes @ 325 degrees, let cool. Pop out for a fun new shaped rainbow crayon!

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