my baby's body after miscarriage and intervention.

Lyndal - posted on 05/28/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have just had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. I bled a lot for 3 weeks or more with my baby still growing well. Then after excruciating pain I ended up in Emergency on morphine. From there I thought I lost my baby but then found out he had just died. I then had medication to try and push my baby out. That didn't work fully so I had a D&C and then became severely anaemic so had to have blood tranfusions. I had been losing clots the size of two fists twice a day for almost a week so it was no surprise I became anaemic. I ended up being in and out of hospital for two weeks.
What I find the most difficult to deal with is that I saw my dead baby on the ultrasound screen looking so peaceful but then all the intervention afterwards for him to come out of me broke him into pieces. I know this because it was an incomplete miscarriage, I have a bicorneate uterus, and on the two days between hospital stays for the mesaprosil and the operation whenever I went to the toilet and wiped myself I saw pieces of him on the toilet paper. I had no chocie but to flush him away.
Sorry for the details but I want to know if anyone else has experienced this and how they dealt with it.


Louise - posted on 05/28/2012




I had three missed miscarriages and each time I chose to have the abortion pills so I could have a forced miscarriage at home rather than in hospital. Obviously I was not as far along as you but I still saw the baby come away. It was not plesant and agony at the time. The last misscarriage was triplets and I lost 2 out of three this way but the third stayed behind. Unknowingly to me I carried that one around with me for a year before I found out it was still there. Like you I lost large clots and a massive amount of blood. When I went into hospital to have a D&C my consultant thought it may be a polyp but when it was analysed it was one of the triplets. It was like opening up all the old emotions all over again.

All I can say is you cant think of it as a baby because it will just chew you up. I told myself that it was not ment to be and that there was something wrong. It turned out there was something wrong I had antiphospholipidus which was a blood disorder only found in women when pregnant. The simple treatment was an aspirin each day now I have a 3.5 year old daughter and the pain of all the other misscarriages has gone away and I can now move on with my life. I hope you find peace soon, and the courage to try again one day.


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Kim - posted on 01/04/2014




I had an abortion at 6 weeeks. Not too much like ur situation but did see it on ultrasound and did see things in the toilet. ..I had much sincere prayer time.. (christian counseling as well)...I never felt better until I forgave myself for my sin/guilt... God doesn't want us to feel shameful or condemned ourselves that's what he died we can have that release...u have to exhale and let go and trust God to heal your counselor told me about David ( boy who slain the giant )and bathsheeba in the bible... He had sex with her and she became pregnant against gods will...and God told him the child will not survive bc. It's not part of God's plan......pls read into it.

It helped so much to k ow gods hand is in EVERYTHING. Our brains and hearts are not built to un der stand why God allows things to happen. And for good reason. .we are not god... The Lord knows trials and pain to show the non believers a way to him. .And he knows trials and troubles will bring his believers closer. Imagine learning advanced math for example......looking at a set of crazy numbers. Ud make a mess of yourself and be completely wrong.If someone did it for much would u learn?. If we know gods plan is for us to only be close to him and to benefit us. (Bible says he'll never leave or forsake us) sometimes god has to pull back to draw us closer. ..Tough things happen to bring us to god for love.forgiveness happiness..If we got everything we ever wanted.never had a problem in life never felt sad or lonely or in need... we would never know what it feels like to long for and receive gods love and grace and compassion. ...they say spoiled kids don't appreciate anything...Imagine us like this with god..sometimes w need to trust God know what he's doing. He never burdens us with more that we are capable of handeling. Or never more temptation that were able to resist...God know out hearts and wants nothing more than for us to be completely in love with him...simply put my dear..u need to understand .everything happens according to gods will..As humans we are errorsome. Perhaps it was not your child's time or perhaps it's very creation and death was what it was ment to be!!! Perhaps gods purpose for this child was fulfilled and u need to learn from this experience a d draw closer to the lord. ..pray. know things r the way they r supposed to be because God has our best intererest at heart......This journey with abortion (something I did to my baby) has led me so close to the lord and through my suffering god has shown me he can heal me. Now I know it's real..and I had a healthy baby 2 yrs later and I know this is the baby I was ment to have. I was ment to hav THIS baby. Xxoo I hope I helped

Veronica - posted on 10/30/2012




Lyndal, I lost my third angel on July 27th at almost 9 weeks. She came out naturally at home (while I took a shower), and in one piece. I don't know which I would have preferred- seeing her tiny perfection fall apart on the porcelain of the shower floor, or never having seen her at all. It all happened so fast- I only knew for a week and a half that I was pregnant, and I was so hopeful. At least you were able to see your little one on an ultrasound. I didn't have my doctor's appointment set until 2 days after I had already lost her.

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