my 2nd child has O.D.D how can i control it?

Sabrina - posted on 09/09/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi, my 2nd child has been diagnosed with O.D.D for the last 5 yrs and i have been thru hell and back with him. he has seen specialists and we have had him try and learn how to deal with his temper. we thot this was working but recently he 'kicked off' again and ended up arrested again he is only 11 and i think i'm lokking for someone that can maybe give a suggestion on wot to do please.


Emma - posted on 09/19/2009




I wish I had a suggestion :( I think this is what drowning would feel like - my son was 7 when the school called the police on him and it broke my heart to hear them say that if he was 10 he would be taken to the boys home immedialtey. I find that recognising my son is getting frustrated and asking him if he'd like to go outside and play with the dog for a while, or telling him he can have a turn on the computer for a little while.....anything he loves doing, gets his attention away from whats upsetting him right away. But there are so many times when I'm not in the room and little thing 'snaps' and I come in to find hell has broken loose, in these cases I just say that its time to go into his room for a while, he yells at me, he'll try to hit his sister (if she is there) and he'll hit the walls and knock things over on the way to his room, there be a big BANG as the door slams, a few more bangs in his room but then it'll be very quiet for a while and I know it's passed. We always talk about it afterwards, he cries, he still can't believe that he's done the wrong thing because someone or something else made it happen - not him!

Unfortunatley once he leaves me and goes to school, or his fathers these things dont happen, I'm not there to try and diffuse the situation and there are a lot of other there that do aggravate it and make it worse and as long as there isn't any consistency it's not going to improve.

Gosh, I shouldn't have come here today I am no help to anyone, there are storm clouds over Tassie this month :(

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