how to get control of your life

Shannon - posted on 03/19/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




people everywere are struggling and scared they think that they have no control over what happend in there life. it took me 40 years to realize i had the power and strenght to make my own destiny. it took loosing everything and looking into my kids eyes and realizing that i had all the power i just needed to take it back i needed to start living for me! i needed to have faith in myself and stop depending on everyone eles to help me. when you depend on family and friends for everything it takes away youe dignity.
it starts with one step at a time you get up and you just do what needs to be done dont worry about tommrow or the past . turning 40 for me was a huge awaking all the things i knew like positive energy and faith and what you put out there you get back was what i thought i was doing. but deep inside i did not believe in myself. i was lost i lost the person at 18 who moved to germany had a baby by herself .
we all are underthe empression that we need the newst and best gadget out there we work so hard and never once do we actualy enjoy what we got. now days people are scared wouldnt t be nice to go to bed at night and not worrie if your gonna have enouh money for food or to pay yur bills, well living on a fixed income i now go to bed and wake up and not worrie i enjoy my days. i want to help those of you that are stuck and scared so please if i can change my life in 2 years anyone can

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