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Hi, my hubby, my 10 month old little boy and I just moved to Florida from Illinois. The closest family (MIL) and friends are like 3 hours away from us, all my family is back in Illinois. We pretty much had no choice, my husband as been unemployed for a while and he finaly received a job offer and it was in Florida, so here we go away from everyone.
Now here we are and I am soo lonely, I do not have a car because we are on a tight budget, so it was decided that since I was not working I did not need a car (not decided by me), I have found a mom group that gets together and has playgroups but I have no way to get there, so my little boy and I only have each other to socialize with all day. The highlight of our week is when we go grocery shopping on Sunday.
I don't know why I'm writing all this, I am so sad and lonely, some days I just think I might just take my baby and go back to Illinois, but I love my husband and at the same time I feel like a prisoner and he is my guard. I find myself in tears every other day. I just dont know what to do.


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I felt the same way when we moved to a small town in rural Quebec, Canada. There were no resources, everyone way at minimum 3 hour drive or flight away. Our situation was not limited to our employment like you, so we eventually moved to a better town. But, the key to keeping your sanity and emotions in check is to stay busy and talk to people. Don't be picky about who it is, just talk, share and get out of the house. Could you bike with your toddler to the playgroup? Don't be shy about asking strangers for help, ask if someone at the playgroup lives close by and could pick you up. Phone your family lots and (if you can) use Skype to stay connected, it helped me!

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