Long distance NEW Grandmother

Oh wow! Where do I start? I have five girls, my oldest (25) moved to Washington State over a year ago. Her husband is in the army. We have not seen her or our first grandbaby, she is now 7 months old. We live in Alabama almost 3000 miles away. Before she left we seen her at least twice a week or more. We have not been able to go out there because, money is tight and I have panic disorder and am scared to travel. We have offerd to pay for her and the baby to fly home for a week or two,but her husband don't want them to come without him. So, I am trying to stay strong. Our 2nd daughter is in and out on drugs. Our 3rd, is an hour away just got married. The twins (14) are still home:). SHARE Delete Edit Report Add a comment Post . ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . . Start a Conversation Embrace 39,937 members - Invite More Privacy: Open | Category: Organizations & Networks Administrator: Tonya Get ads like this. You May Also Like 6 Tips for Keeping It All Together When Your Husband's Away . Kids at Camp? How to Stop Missing Them and Start Enjoying Your Break . What Do Working Moms Do When the School Nurse Calls? . 6 Tips for Taking Date Nights Without Breaking the Bank . How To Baby Proof Your Relationship . . . Related Conversations New Member--Hubby is a Power Construction Lineman I just wanted to say Hello and I am so glad I found a group such as this.My hubby is... I have to work. - I am a mommy of 3. 9, 5, and 3. The whole... I am a mommy of 3. 9, 5, and 3. The whole stay at home mom thing is not for me. I... I can't decide whether to go back home to have baby??? My husband and I are stationed in Georgia and my family lives in Minnesota. I would... [No Subject]