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I'm 22 years old but I can't have sex >advice

I am 22 years old I am a boy. I was born in an Arab country. But I have a problem I can not have sex or love relationship with a girl because of customs and traditions, as well...

Started by Ahmedcvg88 on 10/27/2018 in Love And Intimacy

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Christmas Blahs

Is it me, or can anyone else relate that my husband's libido seems to drop around the Holidays? Is it too much food, or just that we as moms are just too busy? I try to meet...

Started by Summer on 12/24/2017 in Love And Intimacy

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cant get eneough!!!

hi i have 3 kids 6,4 and 2 ,,.....i have always had a great sex life but latly my husband dosnt seem to keep up 2 times a nite every nite still not eneough for me is there...

Started by Annemaree on 04/16/2010 in Love And Intimacy

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Am i a Ninfo?

Would i be consider a ninfo if i loove to have sex all the time? i mean even if my boyfriend does not give it to me i play with my self. some times i play with myself 7 or 8...

Started by Desiree on 07/16/2010 in Love And Intimacy

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Hey new to COM and group. Mom of 5!

Started by Erica on 08/29/2014 in Love And Intimacy

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Super sensitive nipples

My husband and I have been together for nine years and for the first 7 we had a relatively normal sex life. In 2012 we found out I was pregnant with out second child, a little...

Started by Meagan on 06/05/2014 in Love And Intimacy

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how to get romance back

My husband doesn't do anything romantic when we make love. He just goes at it then goes to sleep. Can someone give me ideas to help my husband get more into it

Started by Amanda on 05/27/2014 in Love And Intimacy

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Do you prefer a curved dildo/erection?

As you could guess, a curved dildo/penis could provide more stimulation on certain vaginal walls. For example, an upward curving erection/dildo can stimulate the g-spot better...

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Started by Rosa on 05/11/2014 in Love And Intimacy

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When is it our turn to be taken care of?

Ok so I have been having a conflict with myself and I want others opinions. I have been taking care of my husband and 2 babies for 2 weeks now because they have the flu and 1 of...

Started by Jamie on 01/06/2013 in Love And Intimacy

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ANY Help Please? :)

Hey ladies, im Johnny, and Im in a relation ship, about ten months now, with a mother of two that loves me, but is having trouble falling in love with me, she says its because...

Started by Jonathan on 02/25/2013 in Love And Intimacy

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Just don't want to be TOUCHED!!

So, Need advice!! Lately I'm at the point where I'm totally exhausted from my 7month old daughter NOT sleeping through the night, she is up about every 2-3hours, sometimes she...

Started by Stacy on 02/23/2013 in Love And Intimacy

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