Love Without Spoiling, Discipline Without Nagging

Being parents is a wonderful experience, none the less what works for one may not necessarily work for other.... its because children are not mathematical equations where one plus one adds up to two.When they are born they did not come with a User Manual, we all have to find out our own unique way of what is workable. In the words of Francis Collins, director of the Human Genome Project. "We have now got to the point in human history where, for the first time, we are going to hold in our hands the set of instructions to make a human being.... previously known only to God." Imagine, we have reached the point where we can touch the face of God without our thinking brain, and yet we struggle to cope with our emotional issues, including our ignorance and confusion at something as basic as raising kids. On the one hand we are very clear on our career goals, and on the other, we are very confused about commitment, loyal and dedication, whether at our job or at home. Do we know where exactly our path leads us to, or are we stuck at the cross roads of life? Before we clone the perfect human being, we will have to perfect ourselves in order to strike the perfect balance between head and heart.