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Ok, this won't work for everyone, but I have had outstanding success with this in the past. I lost 60-65 lbs after my son was born following this, and I am trying to do the same now, after my daughter. Mind you, this is something I made up for myself. I am a vegetarian, so meat eaters may need to tweek.


1cup Go Lean Kashi cereal (13 g protein, 10g fiber 1g fat) with 1 cup of milk

(eat within 1 hour of waking up to start your metabolism)


banana 1/2-1 full (depends on if my daughter wants some)

Within 2-3 hours of breakfast


2-3 hours after snack

2-3 stalks celery (if really big 2, really small 3)

14 baby carrots (or 10 carrot sticks, I buy pre-cutt and bagged...)

3 1cm thick slices of cucumber (with or without skin)

about 1 ounce of colby jack cheese cut up

1 serving lowfat dip= 2 tablespoons(lowfat sour cream and hidden valley ranch dip...many flavors out there now..I like the fiesta ranch, ranch and dill)


2-3 hours after lunch

1 Apple

I will usually have another snack before dinner- Activia yogurt w/wheat germ sprinkled in...and 3 prunes


3-4 leaves romaine lettuce (3 if big, 4 if small)

1 vine riped or roma tomatoe

1/4 can chick peas

1 serving fetta chees

1 boca or morning star chicken patty

1 serving favorite greek dressing (I do not go low fat...I love my dressing way to much)

I DO NOT EAT PAST 7PM. This is when your metabolism starts shutting down for the night. If I am still hungry I drink water and chew gum.

Drink atleast 8oz of water per day...if not more!

(Alternates...on monday and tuesday usually I will steam broccolli and cauliflower and replace one of my meals with it. I like those ziploc steam backs, clean veggies, put in bag, sprinkle some Mrs. Dash, steam and serve with favorite dip! My son and hubby love it too!)

If I get really bored with my lunch veggies, I will sub sugar snap peas or red peppers. Just keep in mind, it takes more calories to digest a piece of celery, that how many calories you get from eating it. That is usually a staple in my lunch period.


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I struggle with the snacks. I can eat healthy but eating every 3ush hours i find hard. But my breakfats and lunch sound similar even the amounts. I also have issues with eating a small dinner but in the past week have done really well with cutting the amount in half.

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