Luke's Bill

Luke's bill is about trying to get all ems and ambulances to have a 3 in 1 car in them for any baby needing to be transported to the hospital. My son this past may was 18months old and had a head injury and I called for ems to come take him to our nearest hospital . When everyone got to our house the big debate was the carseat. We had to pull our carseat out so our son could go to the hospital. So my husband went and got it. at the time we only thought it was going to be something minor but when we finally got to our nearest hospital they told us our son's brain had a bleed on it and he had to be move to p.i.c.u at another hospital. again the same problem with carseats . Now if we did not have our carseat at home ( I don't drive so there are alot of times we have no carseats here they are in our car) well our son might not have gotten the care he needed. We also had another run in when our son was 5 months I had a seizure and ems was called by my 9 year old son so everyone showed up but when they found out that I was alone at home with my children and had no carseat I was unable to be transported.So a friend of the family came to watch the kids and myself till my husband could get out of work this took over an hour (did i say I was pregnant too with my daughter) so when my husband did run me to the hospital I was hospitalized for a few days cause of the seizures and being pregnant. So since we have had a few run ins I started to call people to see what I can do to make this a better thing so now we are working on Luke's bill my goal is make this a fed law thru out the usa so no family ever has to deal with more stress added on .So I need everyone to get this out and help back this up call people make noise Its called Luke's Bill


lets get this going

I have been talking to people that are running for seating on the state & city I have tried march of dimes anyone else have any other ideas?

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