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Jill - posted on 02/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was wondering of any of you do a booking "gift" and if so where do you purchase those gifts?


User - posted on 03/04/2009




Booking games are great, I like the Dice game. You need two dice and 11 envelopes numbered 2-12. inside each envelope you put a slip of paper that says either "grand prize" "win a prize (or small prize)" and "book a party". Tell people up front that if they cannot or will not book a party to please not play. Tell them if you get the grand prize I expect you to take the prize home, so if you get book a party I expect you to book a party.

Whoever wants to play rolls both dice and get the envelope of the total of both dice, if another person gets the same number they roll again.

Tell them not to open the envelope yet. When everyone has their envelope, say I'd like to make you a deal. Before you look in your envelope and see what you've won, if anyone wants to book a party with me right now I'll give you an extra $5 on what you earn at your party (this will cost you $5 and I am assuming that your company offers free hostess products based on party sale, so if they earn 20 bucks you will give them 25 in product). They will also get whatever is in their envelope. (The reason it's enticing is because there is a good chance they have to book a party based on the contents of their envelope, however, they may have win a prize and now you also got them to book a party for you.

I use prizes from my company- sometimes I have items that have been discontinued, and I can't show them at the parties, so I might use those as a prize. Some of our items come with pieces (I sell toys---so for example we have a set of 30 little rubber cars, planes, trains, etc) so I'll put 5 or 6 little pieces in a ziploc or little box.

Hope it helps.....I like it though!

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It depends on the products you sell. I used to sell BeautiControl so I would split up the travel size gift samples we could purchase, to make them last longer. I would also find other spa type products on sale or that were very inexpensive at various stores. Places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Dollar Tree were great places for me to find things, but I don't know what it is that you sell so these might not be good recommendations for you! LOL Just think of places that would sell items that are related to your products and start there.  I made cute little gift bags and put those cute stickers you can get at any hobby or scrapbooking store and ribbon or rafia on them. I had a beach theme, movie theme, spa girl theme, etc. They were really cute and made my guests want to look inside them, but before they could they had to book a party first!

If I wanted to move some inventory then I would also make up a cash and carry basket. For any regular priced purchase, then the customer could choose the same amount of items for 50% off. (ex. If they bought 1 item reg. price then they could choose 1 half price item, 2 items = 2 half price items, etc.) It worked really well.




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