Dear Avon Representatives: I'm looking for tips.

Tanya - posted on 02/26/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hello ladies, I'm looking for some advice/tips. I just started selling Avon, and I want to know what other ladies do to sell the product. I'm in a new town with just a few friends, and just a few family members that might buy from me. How did you all get started, how did you grow your business?

Thanks in advance for the help!



Anita - posted on 02/21/2013




Welcome to selling Avon. I am an Avon Rep and I think that I can help. First and for most you need to get business cards this is what you hand anyone you come into contact with. You leave them in banks, doctors offices, libraries, ETC pretty much anywhere you go. Second, you need to take a few of the training course like the ones to get off the ground. I have taken almost all of them it is good information. Third, you need to know everything there is to know about your products. Example the make up you need to know what kind of make up is sold (blush eye shadow etc) Fourth, WEAR IT! If you are wearing jewelry for example someone may ask you where did you get that from. And your reply would be Avon. And then you can go on to say that there is a whole lot of different types of jewelry for every age group from kids to grandmothers would you like a book. I hope this helps you. It is hard at first but it does get better.
Oh and one last major TIP: DO NOT PUT ORDERS IN UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST HAVE OF THE COST FOR IT UP FRONT. This prevents you from having to return it if they no longer want it.

Karen - posted on 01/06/2012




I put brochures in every office i go in and put flyers up at the grocery stores and leave brochures in all stores i go in

Stephanie - posted on 08/12/2013




My name is Stephanie Wallace and I'm Avon Rep. She is looking around for customers to buy from me cause I'm trying build my customers base up. So would like buy some products from me.
Here is my Avon address to go to my site. Here is my email address an cell phone number you can text me at., (615)480-7617


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Alecia - posted on 06/13/2014




Wow, great suggestions here. I know your question is a couple years old, yet comes up in the search, so I thought I'd leave a few more ideas.

I just moved to a new area too... and not many places to go and share the brochures. So I'm going to work on reaching a bigger audience online.

I have a fan page, a blog, and going to focus on reaching people in my targeted area with advertising that way.

I wrote a blog post with more ideas too:

I just started up my avon blog again here:

Hope that helps,

Karee - posted on 04/15/2010




I offer everyone who orders from me a discount on their next order if they get me a new customer. Everyone loves a discount! Its helped me get over 20 customers (not including close friends and family) and I've only been selling for a couple months.

Deborah - posted on 03/09/2010




Hi Tanya,

I've been selling Avon for 7 years. I just pass out and leave brochures everywhere I go. I also have helpers. I do fairs to sell products and I pass out business cards which brings in a lot of customers. I also give a discount to customers if they refer someone who gives me an order.

[deleted account]

I have found accessing my online outlets is an awesome way to reach new customers. I am online on facebook and I twitter so I make sure to mention my Avon business that way. Also, doing gift baskets for special holidays works for me as well. We just past Valentines Day and Mother's day is fast approaching! It's SO easy to go to your husband's friends, coworkers, men at church, etc and say "Hey! I've got an awesome deal for you! You tell me how much you want to spend and I will put together a gift basket and I will even deliver it to her for you!" It saves them a trip to the store and hey, we as women know, most of them forget anyways! I also keep my returning customers birthdays and anniversaries on file along with the products they like most. Then I contact their husbands a campaign or two before the wife's special day and tell them the same thing! They really love it!

Teri - posted on 02/28/2010




Hi, Tanya. My name is Teri Shiflett and I've been selling AVON for a year and 3 months. I am a unit leader with 8 (9 when I sign her up this afternoon) in my downline. I am usually in the top 10 of my district sales. I'm not saying this to brag in any way. I am telling you this that I have found in my experience that the best way to build your business is to "talk about your business." While standing in line at the grocery - ask the ladies around you if they'd like a brochure. NEVER go anywhere without brochures. Also, I did several fair-type events and got my name out there.

The biggest thing I did though was get helpers. A helper (just in case you don't know) is someone that takes brochures and gets orders for you in return for a discount on their own purchases. I have four helpers right now and they average about $150 each, each campaign!

I hope this helps a little. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me or call me. You can find my info at .



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