Games for Home Parties?

Sandra - posted on 11/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




What kind of games do you ladies play at your Home parties?


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Misty - posted on 12/21/2009




I love doing "Stealing Hearts." Learned it with PartyLite and now use it for Dove and Baby Crazy. Always gets laughs. Get a deck of cards and pull out the hearts and clubs (or whichever, doesn't matter). For each question a guest asks, you hand them one of the cards with hearts, until all of them are handed out. Then you go through the clubs, naming the cards one at a time and whoever has that card gets to choose which prize they want. You usually have 2 to choose from. If both prizes are taken, they get to steal the one they want from whoever has it. Hope that makes sense! I usually don't even explain the rules until all the cards with hearts are handed out. Keeps them wondering.

I also like the purse game. Everyone pulls out their purse and finds something in it that begins with each letter of the name of your business. For ex, with Baby Crazy, they would have to find something that begins with B and A and another B, ect. First to get something for each letter gets a prize. Interesting to see what people carry around sometimes.

Michelle - posted on 12/09/2009




It kind of depends on what sort of items you sell in your business. With my linen parties I rarely did party games, as people weren't really interested. I also sell adult toys and lingerie. And boy do they love games! Pass the parcel and balloon popping games are heaps of fun. Both games can either have jokes or fun or interesting facts for the ladies to read out loud. Or word scrambles are good too, where people have to work out what the word is, for example "eninl" unscrambled is the word linen.

[deleted account]

1. question and answer: every correct answer gets a ticket that goes into a bowl. at end of party one ticket is drawn and lucky winner gets prize

2. pass a pen/nail file(new)/ straw; everytime you say the 'word';ex: skin; and someone says the responding word; ex: care; they get the stick- whoever has stick at end of party gets a prize. The tickets could work with this as well

~I sell MaryKay so my parties are more like fun classes~

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