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i just started my own little business with Pure Romance, I am already thinking about quitting. I NEVER have any time to work on it. My husband doesnt understand that I need to purchase more products to demo. He just hates that its costing us a LOT to get me started. I am definitelty putting out more money than I am bringing in. How can I feel comfortable doing my shows if I dont have much to display? I feel unprepared anytime I do a show just because they expect to see a lot and I just cant afford it. I buy new things with my earnings but mostly I borrow my "PR Mom's" demo products for my shows but that gets really old. I just dont feel comitted. I have put SO MUCH time and effort into this and I am getting nowhere. What do you guys think? I feel like I gave it a go and its just not working out. Should I feel guilty?


Polly - posted on 10/11/2010




You don't really need a huge demo to promote these products...chances are-if you have a smaller demo, and a handful of catalogs-people will want to order something completely different than what you have in you demo anyhow. Get the top selling basic items and show those, but you don't have to, nor should you feel pressured to-buy a huge amount of demo product! Seriously, I have been in mlm for 30 years...you just don't need it. Get out there and market yourself. Contact me at michebagparties@aol.com if you would like some tips. I'm willing to coach you with your business.


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Ginger - posted on 12/11/2010




I got tired of putting money out on things monthly. And to have to do shows it is way too much to ask if you are not bringing in money and putting out more, then you have to think about your family. I decided to do a business that I do not have to buy each and every month one time investment and I got all name brand groceries for it. So I figure if I was buying groceries anyway , what did I have to loose.

I gave up on several that I had to keep spending on so don't feel bad. My thought is you have already decided in your heart what is for you and you are fed up and ready to move on by the sounds of it.

Kristin - posted on 12/11/2010




Quitting is the only thing that guarantees you won't make it...I recommend some personal development, I really like Klemmer.com for help with this stuff, look at the Champions Workshop online version (free of course).

Minnie - posted on 10/28/2010




No you should not be guilty. This company may or may not be for you, but every family should have a home based business. It is a great tax deduction. Turn hobby expenses into tax deductions. Let Uncle Sam pay you to do what ever it is you want to do.

You need to find the company or home based business that is the right fit for you. Unfortunately in any business there are going to be start up costs, but some cost more than others.

I agree party plans are a lot of work. I was in a party plan for 4 years. I was very successful but I found out when I had my 7th child that if I wasn't out there selling that there really wasn't much long term benefits. It is a lot of work for a little bit of nothing I now work for a company that I get paid to shop. I switched stores and now tell others what I like and I get paid big bucks to do it.

With direct sales, I found that once the sale was over, I was unemployed again and I had to go look for another sale. There was no residual income. My company doesn't require inventory and I don't have to make deliveries or collect any money. Which all take time.

Plus I can put it on autopilot. I am a homeschool mom with 10 kids and time is one scarce commodity. If I want to take off a month or two or even a year, the check keeps coming in month after month. I have received 92 consecutive checks for work that I did 9 years ago. I have made more than I ever put out!

I see in your profile you have 2 kids. Our products are geared for kids. I make referrals and then the company does the rest. It is a very simple process. If you are open to getting more information you can email me at minnie@saferformyhome.com and put circle of moms in the subject line so I know it is not spam.

Regardless, I hope you find the right fit for you. Home based business is the way to go opposed to a "job". When you find the right fit, it will take off. If you feel you've given it your best shot and the passion isn't there, then there is nothing to feel guilty about. It was a great trial and now it is time to move on. Holding back just might be preventing you from finding the right fit.

I believe "Nothing in life is ever wasted," it is a learning experience. Just like Thomas Edison, he had to experiment 1000's of time to invent the light bulb, but it wasn't a waste each time taught him what not to do. Now you know what you don't want in a home based business. Time to go find out what you do want.

April - posted on 10/26/2010




Hi Montana,

I hope to provide some information that will help you.

When starting your own business, you have to look at what its going to take for you to market your business. You should consider current trends, what people want, what people need. We are in a recession, you may love the product that you are trying market to other people but do you think most other people will? If you had the money to open a store, what would your store have in it? You would try to find a product that would appeal to most average people, not just a select few. Please don't misunderstand my advice here, I am not trying to discourage you. You started your business because you had a passion for it and that is good, you have to believe in what you are doing but when you start a business there are so many things to consider. I was with a jewelry company many years ago, I LOVED the jewelry, but it was expensive and I had to convince people why they needed it. In today's economy that is very difficult right now. I spent a fortune on the kit and then 6 months later they retired most of what I had and then I had to buy new jewelry. This was a vicious cycle every 6 months, they were retiring jewelry and I had to find a way to get rid of that and buy more. Then I had to buy catalogs, order forms. I spent WAY more than what I took in. Other people are very successful at it. At the time I did not have children but even then trying to book parties every single weekend was difficult. Again, you just have to decide what you are willing to do to grow your business based on your belief.

About two years ago I started looking into starting a home based business. Because of my previous experience at my failed jewelry business, I spent a lot of effort this time around researching a good business model. I researched companies and looked at opportunities with an open mind. I sat down and made a wish list of things that I wanted in a business and things that I did not want in a business. I did not want to do parties (I have a child now and a husband that works a lot and that is just not feasible) so I knew I wanted to work strictly from home 2. The product had to be something that people NEEDED and USED - a consumable product 3. The products had to be affordable 4. the products had to be safe and green as health and wellness is something that I am very passionate about 5. the compensation plan had to provide residual income, I needed money that I could count on monthly 6. I did not want to take orders, stock inventory, make deliveries - my customers had to shop directly with the company 7. The products had to be refundable - if I hated the business and products after 2 months could I box it all up and send it back.

When I had my "wish list" completed I set out to find a company that could meet or exceed my expectations. My time and money is valuable. It took me a year but I finally found a company that fulfilled my wish list. You just have to get a business plan together and see if the company that you started is something that meets YOUR set of expectations or maybe re-evaluate your company and the opportunity that it is providing you. I started my jewelry business because I loved the jewelry but I quickly discovered that it was a hard product for me to market to others. I can't be successful if I can't market the products and sometimes our personal excitement is not enough. Marketing and advertising is not something that is learned over night so don't be too hard on yourself. Maybe this is just not the right business for you? You should not feel guilty. Starting a business and getting it off the ground is not easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it and making a fortune. Again, maybe if you sit down and go over a business plan it will help you sort this out. Start out by making up your own wish list and see where your current business falls into that. Good luck with your business and let us know how it is going for you.

Best of luck to you,

Carrie - posted on 10/20/2010




Network Marketing is a business that forces you deal with your weaknesses, because it directly impacts your check. When you work for someone, you can hide those weaknesses behind a check every two weeks. However, when you work for yourself, you are forced to deal with YOU. As many people have said, Network Marketing is not for everyone. However, if you can hang in there, the only way you will not succeed is by quitting. Network marketing is about relationship building. Stop worrying so much about your inventory and really get to know the people sitting in front of you and listen to their needs, etc..You will be surprised at the outcome. A must get book if you are serious about continuing, " Your First Year in Network Marketing" by Mark Yarnell. I am two years into my network marketing business, first time ever, I have over 3,000 people in my organization and make a six figure income. Trust me, IT CAN BE DONE! Oh, and I am a wife, and mother of three. Set boundaries with your schedule. But you must be passionate about your products and

Alycia - posted on 10/11/2010




I commend you for taking the step to earn income from home. And agree that it should never cost you, more than you put in, however, when you are working with products versus services, that can happen. Don't quit if you don't have to, nor give up on this incredible way to earn that lifestyle. I've been very blessed in this industry, but honestly much more when I went with offering a service that absolutely everyone can benefit from, versus a product that has competition. Good luck to You!

Taffy - posted on 10/10/2010




I totally understand where you are coming from. I tried a similar business a couple of times and it did not work.
I have found a business now that costs $1, has NO inventory and you do not have to do parties either!
I can get you free info!!
It really changed my life. :)

Alyssa - posted on 10/07/2010




Having to put all of your earnings back into more products I would imagine is not very motivating. Do you absolutely love the company you are with? Do you enjoy having your own business? Direct selling isn't for everyone, however there is a reason that there are so many different companies. It is possible that this company is not right for you. Just because a company does well for one person does not mean it is right for you. No business is going to be a piece of cake, some are definitly more lucrative than others. Don't give up on building your own business even if it ends up being a different company. Only you know if you have really done your best.

Good luck with your decision.


Roz - posted on 10/06/2010




Unfortunately Rhonda had what sounds like a pretty HORRIBLE experience with her company as unfortunately many do in the network marketing industry.

One of the things I have learned is that it is not right for all people, just as no business or way of doing business is right for everyone.

I know for me I am in network marketing and doing well with it, but I am not doing it at the sacrifice of my family. I still play with my kids every day, teach them, etc. and have time for my hubby and housework.

Sure it is difficult, but when you put it in it's place, after faith (if you choose to) and family then it can work out.

I'm not with the same company as Rhonda was but I must say that it sure sounds like a lot went down with that so I'm sorry that Rhonda had such a bad experience. Just know Montana that not everyone has an experience like that. If you see yourself headed down that road then do get out as it would not be worth it. But if you can put it in it's place and just see your business as what it is then you can likely do very well with it.

It just depends on you and your personal situation.

[deleted account]

I was a Sr. Director--two cars under my belt--with a nationally known cosmetics co.--over a 6 year period of time. I hope you will hear me on this: Your husband is right.

The time, the money...is so much more constructive spent elsewhere.

And are looking at everyone as prospect? It just becomes a vicious cycle--you never put it out of your mind or your home...and I was very successful. But at tax time? I was never very profitable. Certainly not in comparison to the amount of time I spent. Cut your losses and allow yourself to be emotionally removed from it for a time and you'll look back and wonder what the heck you were thinking.

I finally developed my own product (not skin care or cosmetics) and have found that if you want to work for yourself, then think of something you can create. And trust me--YOU are the consumer for a direct sales company. Not those you sell to.

Or just devote the time to your family. I cannot get back those 6 years and it makes me sick to think of what I missed with my kids because my mind wasn't on THEM. It's just so wrong.....Please, just get out.

Another source (all home bausiness are the same) is pinktruth.com. You may see yourself there.

Linda - posted on 09/22/2010




I agree with Roz! If you are passionate about your business, don't give up! It takes time...but if it's not the right fit for you, find something that is. (I always like to say "If you would do this even if you didn't get paid....if you love it THAT much, you're in the right place!" (And yes, you do still get those "wall kicking" moments, but you still love what you do. LOL.) Find a mentor who can help you, read lots of books and listen to CD's on personal growth. It'll also help with the "self doubt'. Good luck in whatever you decide! PS. Roz, love the video. Thanks for sharing!

Roz - posted on 09/20/2010




Montana...What I'm about to say will be a little blunt but it will REALLY help you with your situation. I think a LOT of what's going on has to do with your mindset. If you have a mindset of "I'm just going to see how it goes" or have thoughts that are negative, which I counted 11 negative thoughts just in the above paragraph then it almost always will not work like you want it to.

I totally understand that is how you are feeling and while there's nothing wrong with venting about it (we all need to do that from time to time lol!) Thinking like this will almost always doom your success.

Instead of thinking the thoughts above, think with the "How Can I" attitude. Find the solution to what you are wanting to do with your business if you are really passionate about Pure Romance.

On the other hand, you might have joined a company that just doesn't get you fired up (I did that with my first Direct Sales biz)...I was convinced by my enroller that it was a good business, and it is, but after joining it just was not the good business for me lol.

So you'll need to think long and hard on if you REALLY love Pure Romance, it's products, it's philosophy etc.

It's possible that party plan businesses may not be the best fit for you now and that's OK!

But I would not suggest quitting "because it's just not working out". All legitimate home businesses, including Pure Romance work out for those who are dedicated and will do anything to make it work...it just has to be your passion.

The other thing to think about is that all businesses take a lot to get started, whether it's time or money. You are in business for yourself, which is AWESOME! And there is nothing to replace that feeling of not having to answer to anybody. But it is VERY hard work, and the only way to make it in the industry is to work your behind off for the first few years building your team and list of customers and then you can work it not as much and still see great results.

I have a video link done by a good friend of mine, Rachel Jackson and she talks about this in her video. It's only 4 minutes but puts things into perspective. It totally helped me and I know you'll get a lot from it. Just watch the above video.

Feel free to message me as I help people figure out what their perfect home business is and get them on the right track. We can figure out if Pure Romance is the best fit for you or if it truly is something that you should quit and find something that gets you fired up! HTH :)

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