Why can’t I market my MLM Business Online?

Val - posted on 09/27/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




There are so many successful MLMers out there that have build huge businesses the old fashion way by making a list and checking it twice and knocking on doors of friends and family. But for many, once they have received their initial rejection from others they give up even if they are passionate about the business or product they’re selling. Some turn to the internet to try marketing online because they don’t want to see the rejection. However, rejection still comes in the form of no leads and no sales. That’s because they have gone about setting up the online marketing process incorrectly.
I don’t care what product, lotion; potion or MLM company you are in love with there is a way to market it online and be successful. The biggest problem that most MLMers have is that they run out of money too soon and give up before they become successful. My advice, don’t quit! There are ways to market your business online you just have to be willing to put in the work. Yeah that’s right even online it’s work.
There are those who think because John or Sally got to the highest level in their company in less than six months they can too by following John and Sally’s lead. However, John and Sally did the work, they put in the hours. Secondly, they may be experts and have a loyal following so it appeared easy. Regardless of how it happened for John and Sally, your focus has to be on your success only. That’s one of the biggest problems with new distributors. They focus too much on what John and Sally drives the large house they live in and the check they saw at the hotel meeting last week. How does that provide food and shelter for you? It doesn’t, and once MLMers comes to terms with that fact their chances of their success improves.
There is really only one way to be successful online. You must begin to market YOU. It took me a while to understand this concept. But I’m here today to hopefully help someone else move forward quickly. You see, it really doesn’t matter what MLM company you push products for people buy from people not companies. Please get your mind around this concept because it’s true.
So how do you go about marketing YOU to be successful online regardless of the business? It’s all about what momma taught you and its simple:
1. Integrity - One of the biggest problems I had in my MLM is that with the exception of the person that brought me into the business, I did not trust the leaders on top of my upline. I would never do business with them as I thought they were shady people. This affected my motivation even though I knew the company and the product the company produced were great products. I forgot the cardinal rule of being in a MLM. You’re in business for you. If you feel some people in the business don’t have integrity, that’s Ok. Make sure you have integrity and good things will fall into place for you and others will reap what they sew whether good or bad. Your name is really is all you have. Keep it a good one.

2. Help someone – Life is about service to others and there is no greater feeling in the world in knowing that you helped someone else. I am a fantastic cook and I buy the best quality of foods. I have a dinner party each year for every major holiday. My family and friends come over and they bring their friends because the food is so good. I know that most average Americans as I am one would never spend over $1000 on a holiday meal simply because they can’t put it in their budget. But the joy I feel from being able to welcome friends and strangers into my home to share a meal that they may never eat anywhere else is such a great feeling. I’m able through the joy of cooking; introduce people to a meal they only see on the food network or the fine living channel. The feeling of gratitude from their spirit makes my holiday parties grow bigger and bigger. I’ve been doing this for years and will continue to because some of the children of friends and family who are now young adults still make it a point when they’re in town to come by to say hello and to see how I’m doing. Gentle kindness accomplished that and I know I have a relationship for life because of a meal.
3. Solve a Problem- Everyone that has access to the internet is not technically savvy. That’s OK. If you are or you know how to get help in setting up a website, writing a article, doing affiliate marketing, help someone else. There are enough opportunities for everyone on the internet so provide some leadership and put those who are struggling online with the right parties that can solve a problem for them. Join various groups in your market. For every problem you have there is a group online of experts who are willing to help solve the problem for free. Get involved in you.
4. Educate Yourself- You don’t have to be the next Google or Facebook chairman but you do have to learn some basic online marketing skills. Your hunger to learn should never stop. It may prevent Alzheimer’ . Exercise your brain and try to learn a few new words daily. Choose a topic you need help in and map out a schedule to learn a little more about it weekly. You don’t have to become an expert just stay informed.
5. Market YOU INC. Too often we spend all of our time marketing a company or our up line. stop! Market you! You are the best salesperson you will ever have no matter what the product. Make your company and product secondary. Market your integrity, leadership, your kindness your ability to help others and I guarantee if you build the relationship, the customers/distributors will come.


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Val - posted on 12/01/2009




Thank you all for your comments. I've been on holiday for a while and now I'm back so let's keep encouraging each other regardless of our business.

Nonnee - posted on 11/26/2009




Thank you for the great post. So many things you said are so very true. I like many out there have started and quit because I was not successful over nite, in other words I was not making the big dollars. I read something a network marketing magazine, that we need to be transparent, be real people and not selfish. Potential distributors can feel that from you.
Thank you again Val for the wonderful write-up, I never thought before to market myself, I was always out peddling the product, even though the product is great, people did not see who I really was, and did not believe in me.
I will keep this valuable tool in the back of my mind always.

Jen - posted on 10/18/2009




Wonderful post, Val! These are great tips for anyone wanting to grow their MLM. I find most people quit MLM's when they don't get rich overnight or when they experience too many "no's". Rejection is just part of the game. Personal development and quality interactions with others are critical as well. One thing I think too is there are a gob of MLM's out there, you have to obviously make sure they're a credible company but it really has to be an industry or product you absolutely love and you are passionate about. Wherever your passions lie, so lies your treasure. Thanks for this quality post!

Doria (Dee) - posted on 09/30/2009




I have been in network marketing for a while. I have tried several companies but I was never successful at working these for one reason or another. I have finally found one that feels "right" and I am persuing it. Long story short, I have been reading motivational materials and listening to CD's on how to build a business. One thing they all have in common is exactly what you have stated that marketing is selling yourself and helping others to achieve what they want. Great advise to all!!

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