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Mama's Who LOVE Christmas

This group was created only for mothers who truly love the Christmas season. Moms who want their children to enjoy and remember their childhood Christmas's for many many years to come. Please share all of your traditions, crafty ideas and anything else the Christmas spirit leads you to share.


Christmas Crafts

I am looking for some ideas what to make for my son's 3rd grade classmates for christmas. Any ideas? Thanks!


Top 10 Christmas movies you must see

10. A Christmas Story 9. Polar express 8. Elf 7. Scrooge 6. Home Alone 5. The Santa Claus 4. Miracle on 34th Street 3. Its A Wonderful Life 2. Holiday Inn 1. White Christmas So...


Everyone getting ready??

The family and i are back in Hungary this year. Hopefully we can make it back to the states for Christmas, but I'm not planning on it! So I'm getting ready, started making...


Christmas Traditions!!!

I love the holidays! Now that I have family of my own I enjoy sharing my traditions and creating new ones. Last year we created an ornament of your little boys hand print. He...


Baby's 1st Christmas!

what are good gifts for baby's first son is 10 mo old..also..what ab stocking stuffers...for him and my husband...any suggestions??


151 days!!!!

It's 151 days until Christmas they will go fast i'll be starting my planning and shopping.I buy my dry goods for baking in sept and oct before the seasonal rush


New Here

Hi I'm Renee.I love Christmas and plan it year round.As I type this Polar express has been on for days now.My kids watch it year round.Has anyone started shopping yet?I will end...


Hiya :-)

Hi all :-) Im so excited about 2009 Christmas... As a child my family didn't get into christmas much, they just kinda when through the motions, and any dos we had often...


Christmas is just around the corner!

Ok everyone Christmas will be here before you know it! Most stores have already put up all of their Christmas items! Make sure you get your check list going now, Its never to...