Mamas Who Supplement

This is a guilt-free zone for moms who choose to do a combination of breast feeding, bottle feeding, and/or supplementing with formula. This support group is for parents seeking help about feeding our babies and toddlers without the judgment of other parents who are strictly breast feeding or strictly bottle feeding.


Which formula is the best?

What formula have you found out is the best for your little one? Gerber, Simalic,or Enfamil? My son is 2 months old. I go back and forth between the bottle and bf. But leading...


Adding Rice Cereal To The Bottle?

My baby is a hungry little man and he is currently going through a growth spurt, I believe, which makes things worse. When he was born he ate every hour during the day but only...


Breastfeeding and Overeating

My 1 month old will breastfeed for 30-45 minutes and then unlatch. He still acts hungry (trying to suck hands). It has gotten to the point of my husband and I offering him a...


Gas problems while supplimenting??

I am pumping as much as I can to keep up with my baby. I do have to give him formula to fill his needs. He is having a tough time with the formula...anyone else having this issue?


Finally A Guilt-Free Zone!

I was super pleased to find this guilt-free community. I would love to breastfeed my baby exclusively but honestly, I don't have the time to lock myself in my room all day...



Welcome to Mamas Who Supplement! My name is Alison and I created this community for parents who do a combination of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and/or supplementing with...