Mamas with Gas and fussiness problems with their infants

Seeing your child have gas and fussiness issues are one of the most terrible things to see your baby go through. Every since my child was born she was not really able to drink my breast milk so I had to result to formula. I started with Enfamil and everyone that I used was horrible. The texture was too gritty for my child even the one specifically for gas. I then switched to the Gerber Good Start Soy plus formula. It worked for a while but as she got older she still had problems. I tried some of the home remedy like the mylicon drops, fletcher's castor oil and even the kerosyrup. None of those things worked for my infant. After seeing my little one squirm, cry, and hold her little stomach I finally found the perfect formula. Similac for fussiness or the soy worked wonders for me. If you have gas and fussiness problems with your baby I definitely suggest this formula.