Mamas with Second Shift Papas

Sometimes it's hard not to be frustrated when the person you're supposed to be sharing your life with just isn't IN your life... And sometimes that feeling is 'all the time'! This is a safe place to share your day with other mamas. To feel like there's another adult -somewhere- that's aware of the cheerios is the nose, the awesome feats of wall-climbing, the comic slip ups. And that time of day when you have to pee and all your children end up in the bathroom with you! I hope this will become a place for women who are going through our days like we're single, even though we're far from it. So let's buddy up and help each other stitch our families closer, instead of letting a frustrating situation tear at them. Come and just gripe without guilt if you need to! Guiltily Angry Mamas Anonymous! :)