Help! Anybody know if newborns Eyebrow will regrow?

Claudia - posted on 12/15/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




So last night I noticed some cradle crab on my babys eyebrows (my baby is 1 month old) and got a wash cloth and some baby body soap and water and scrubbed the area in circular motion, then by the time I was done I noticed my babys eyes getting swelled up and he had only half of his eyebrows left on each side...Does anyone know if the hair will regrow? The swelling has gone down a little but Im worried that I might have done some damage to him :-(


Hope - posted on 12/18/2011




My 1st daught had cradle cap bad and yes all the hair does grow back! But I suggest rubbing the areas with a small towel dampened with baby oil. The hair will still fall out but not as much and you will be moistening the scalp as well.


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Carrie - posted on 02/04/2013




Give it some time, supposidly cradle cap can go away on it's own, so if you're worried about if you did hurt him at all, just give him time to heal back up. Cradle cap doesn't last forever and happens to every baby - you can also just resort to using a comb, and stop when you notice the babies skin getting red, and wait for another time to try again (that way you're still doing something about it but it's not hard on the baby) the hair should grow back so try not to worry about it too much ^^

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