my baby girl is 5 months in 1 week old why she have not rolled over let


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Elvira - posted on 06/03/2011




Don't worry, she will do it in her own time! My son didn't start to roll until he was 7 months and even then he only did it a couple of times. He really started rolling and starting to crawl when he was 8 months old! He is now 10 1/2. So believe me when I tell you, let her do it in her own time... she will get there. :-)

Tyrae - posted on 04/23/2011




Give her lot's of floor time. I noticed that once I got my daughter out of her bouncy chair/exersaucer for more than 5 minutes at a time she started scooting around and rolling within the week. Truthfully I wish she didn't start rolling around because now I can't leave her on the couch to go to the washroom without her attempting to roll off onto the floor.

Glendy - posted on 04/23/2011




I think sometimes we expect our kids to go by the book. You know, how docs and people say kids to certain things at a certain time. I wouldn't worry, she will be rolling over in no time. Let her take her time. Before you know it, she will be rolling around, crawling,'ll see. Try to enjoy the fact that she can be in one place while you do things around her like clean or cook. Because later, she will start going all daughter is 14months old and let me tell you, I miss a bit when she was just there playing without going anywhere, now I can't keep up with her lol. But i love it!
Just enjoy it. She'll be rolling soon

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