U know what grinds my Gears?

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When My relatives or friends or strangers. See me and my 20 month old son and my twin boys(10mon). And Say to me." So are u having more kids?" or another one "Girl u need to stop having all these kids. N u better get on birthcontrol!"1st dats not ur concern. u not the one having to take care of them. Uhhh hello . U knw what i mean . C'mon people.U aint got the right to tell people when to stop Having kids. they don't knw what happened or what is ur situation. I tell u some people got some nerves.


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Brenda - posted on 11/14/2010




Now I have one girl, and I am single and people still asks me, whe are you ahcing another one?? lol at first I used to get upset, like c'mon, I am single, but now I just say, yeah someday maybe..lol

Iysha - posted on 11/07/2010




They probably dont mean it to sound judgemental or rude, most people dont want to be like that. They probably say it in a way meaning, "wow! you have 3 under 2 yrs old! You must have your hands full!"....at least that's the way I'd interpret those comments. 3 kids is not something I would be able to handle...let alone 3 that cant do for themselves! lol...I have a 1 1/2 yr old and can barely handle her sometimes.

btw, strangers ask me if I'm going to have more too...and I only have 1 =]

Alina - posted on 10/27/2010




OMG... Im sorry ya gotta deall with that mess hun... its gotta be REALLY frustrating... If you wanna have 8 kids all within a few months of the one before it, then go for it!!! Kids get along WAY better when they are closer in age...AND not to mention, the older one(s) wont have separation issues or jealousy behavioral problems from goin through the emotional trauma of mommy not giving them 100% of her attention ALL the time... Just Sayin :)

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