5 year old NAP?

Jennifer - posted on 10/29/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




At age 4 i decided id follow the day nursery act in ontario. You can make a child rest in a bed for an hour no longer. Every day id put her in her room after lunch and make her rest. some times she would nap and others she wouldent. So a few months ago i noticed she went 3 weeks and had never fallen asleep at rest time so i started putting on a movie. she lays down on the couch and watches from beginning to end no pee breaks no toys resting. But lately ive started doing sports in the evening that have me leaving at her bed time and when i come home shes waiting up for me, and she still wakes at 630am. So shes a desaster area by noon the next day. I find even when shes a wreck it will take he longer then an hour to finally lay still and give her body a chance to fall asleep.... What do you do for nap at 5?


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Jessica - posted on 12/04/2010




I was putting my son down for a nap before he started all day kindergarten, but it ended up being more of a fight and a hassle. Maybe it's not a nap that she needs, but some help at bedtime. Maybe you could try to come up with a bedtime routine to where she feels comfortable falling asleep while you are gone. Then she would get a restful night of sleep and still have her "quiet time" during the day without having to take a nap.

Tracy - posted on 11/06/2010




My opinion is to go with what the child needs on THAT day. If she has had a busy day, or a late night the night before, then insist that she lies down for an hour. I would suggest, no tv allowed,it stimultes and does not allow the brain to rest. If she doesnt fall asleep, its okay, at least she has had a good rest.

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