Any Survival Tips for Being Sick with a Sick Son

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It's almost 5am. I think I slept 2 hours last night between waking up choking on my swelling throat. My joints hurt, I'm running a fever, my eyes sting, my ears are riniging with pain. I cannot breath even with Vics vapour rub, cold/flu meds, a breath right strip, and a humidifier. I just want to curl up and SLEEP or be miserably in pain by myself.

See I can handle it though. What upsets me is my 14 month old HAS THE SAME THING! Sadly there is nothing I really know of I can do for him but tylenol and vapor rub. His Dad still works for 3 days until 4 days off. As sad and pathedic as it sounds it seems like forever!

I know it's better to curl up and hibernate. He doesn't and continues to push himself to do more than he should probably be. The fever gets worse when he's active for too long. When i try and stop him he gets really mad. Plus he's bored with the indoors but taking him out in this breezy, HOT then COLD questionable weather isn't good for either of us. Plus I wouldn't wish this upon another Mother!

I'm always overwhelmed when my Son and I are sick at the same time, and I can honestly say without hesitation or exageration this is the WORST thing I've had since he's been born! At least the infection that landed me in the hospital was easily treated with meds! Now that he's walking a lot more and wants to get into EVERYTHING, it was bound to happen but sheesh *sigh*.

So anyone else had to go through this and manage to recover without becoming a overwhelmed wreck in the mean time?


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Marcia - posted on 06/16/2009




Oh that is awesome! Just think you may be there to help your sister or daughter in law (or daughter) in the future the same way your Mom is helping you now...don't worry about the cleaning, she just is probably trying to do everything possible to make it easier on you. If you ask her she could probably give you a story of something similar happening to her.

I'm sorry your husband is getting sick though...hopefully after everything you will all be immune to what ever bug hit.

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Thank you for the advise. I did end up calling my Mommy! She has been really helpful (I'm trying to not tell her to stop cleaning). Terrance loves having his Grammy's 100% attention. My Husband is on days off but he's getting the plague now too : p

Marcia - posted on 06/13/2009




I hope you and your little guy get better really, really soon! :)

I know this is no help really right now, but if your Mom or a girlfriend is available please call them. Seriously, just having one person to help out while you get better helps out a ton. One day of this type of help can mean the world.

I've gotten sick twice in the last year and it was quite bad...thankfully though my husband has a more flexible work schedule than yours (also I tend to get sick on weekends) so he was able to just play with our son while I rested on the couch all day. When the little guy woke up at night I still got to get up with him, but seriously the rest during the day gave me a lot more hope.

Again, sending you and your little guy healthy thoughts and may you never have to deal with this again!

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