Anyone Else Already in a Halloween Mood?

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Ok I know I'm not the only one!

You bought a costume (or 2) last year ahead of time, but you're still looking at more for your little boy or girl! You are planning out the yard decorations with a possibility of a haunted house this year (weather permitting) and you're OVERJOYED it's on a Saturday so you can expect a big turn out of kids (Need to beat 50!)

Last year Terrance got to be a pumpkin, devil, and a bat for different events and our family portrait (we were all vampires he was a little bat). This year he's going to be 19 months old, he's walking, and I'm trying to get him to say Trick Or Treat already! He has a crocodile and a snake costume I purchased ahead of time last year. I'm also looking for a pirate costume because I'm thinking of a pirate theme for this years family portrait.

I know this "obsession" with everything Halloween is because it's the only holiday when my entire family was together and didn't fight. My Dad handed out candy and kept a count (over 1000 one year) we went door to door with our friends and their parents then stayed up all night watching spooky shows eating and trading candy. I even went trick or treating with my 14 year old brother and his friends when I was 18!

On the age note I think it's great when older kids trick or treat. I'd rather have them going door to door having fun getting candy than setting things on fire or getting drunk at a bush party. Age is a number and I welcome teenagers at my house (even the ones who do lame costume changes and come back twice ;)

So yes that's my Halloween tale! Hopefully all you Halloween Mama's searching websites for ideas and digging out the decorations already have a great Halloween like I plan to with my 19 month old Son who is going to be an alligator, snake, and who knows what else!!


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Dawn - posted on 09/07/2009




Last year my littlest one was a pink three-eyed monster...VERY cute. This year, my oldest (6) has decided he wants to be my 3.5 year old, who wants to be exactly like her brother at all times, now wants to b batgirl. They both decided that if they were batman and batgirl that Lydia has to be batbaby. It should be cute.

Lauren - posted on 08/29/2009




got a costume for my 17 month old already. I was so excited. he is going to be a little puppy. Should have been a devil@

Anna - posted on 08/27/2009




Yes, yes! I love Halloween, already shopping for costumes and looking for little crafts to do with the kiddos!

[deleted account]

Glad I am not the only one! I am already shopping christmas decor as well and have made a wishlist on! Holidays are just too much fun with babies. Children's place had a good pirate costume last year and I think they are having one this year as well. I've already found some halloween events, I don't know where you are but if you have a Children's Museum near you I know that mine is having a costume parade to tour through the museums. Too much fun. And I agree with you about all ages trick or treating. Teenagers are more than welcome at my house as well. I've heard people complain about that and I never understood why. You only get to be a kid once.

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