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Hello, I am a mommy of a lil boy that will be 2 on March 5th. I really need help getting rid of that evil thing they call a pacifier. At first I believed he used it as a comfort object since his daddy was overseas, but ever since my husband got home, he didn't really have much to do with it, until my daught was born. Now everytime he sees her with hers he wants his. I have told him that once he turns 2 no more pacifier. But I am not sure if he fully understands what I mean. He really only takes it at night or naps, but the past few days he wants it all the time.

How do I finally get rid of that EVIL pacifier?



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Jenni - posted on 06/02/2010




LOL We didn't do anything nearly as creative as some of the other posts, when my sone was about 1 and a half, it fell out of his bed and Daddy went in and told him that his wall ate it! Totally strange but it was the middle of the night. Anyways he was upset for a few more minutes and he'd talk about for a few days and tell us how mad he was that the wall took it away, but it worked....sometimes the strangest things work the best!

Samantha - posted on 05/31/2010




I had plans for the "dubby" (as she called it) fairy to come when Keira was 2. She takes all the dubbies and gives them to little babies who needed them more and as she was a big girl she didnt. I laid lots of groundwork, she understood and if you asked when the fairy was coming she would say 2. Then.. it got left at the child minders one day and she didnt notice. I decided to try and get her off to bed without her noticing and swiftly did a dubby sweep of the house. I couldnt believe it when she dropped off, this was a girl who had one for her mouth and one in each hand at night. but i think it was out of sight out of mind. She never once asked for it again.

Out of sight out of mind i, take them and hide them when they arent looking and stick to it, cold turkey is best!

Carrie - posted on 05/24/2010




I tell my daughter that her 'fa' ( she started calling it that at 1 and spells it now) is for babies, that they use them with bottles. If she decides she needs one, I give her a bottle too and put her in her crib. of coarse she doesnt want the bottle or a nap, so she gives up. She gave bottles up on her own at 13 months. Otherwise I try to keep her busy through the day and hide her fa so she forgets about it, and I dont let her see her sister with hers.

Becki - posted on 05/13/2010




what i did to get rid of the pacifier was cut the tip off. slowly (once a week) i would cut a little more off. at about a month there was not much left to suck on, making it useless. we never had a problem again. we did have another child about a month later but she was a thumb sucker. how i wish the same method could have worked.

Joanne - posted on 05/04/2010




I did the same - stopped Oliver using his pacifier during the day but let him sleep at night with it - HOWEVER - now I will ask him to throw them in the trash himself, as he is 2 I feel he should start to sleep without one. With my other two boys it worked really well when they threw them away themselves, then when they asked I could say you threw it away remember - amazingly they said yes and just carried on without a fuss!

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my son had one and at christmas we just took it away and put it under the tree he was never really bothered about it. use lots of cuddles and find other ways to settle him like a teddy or toy and cuddles.

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It sounds like your son is just regressing. He sees his little sister with a pacifier and he wants one too. It happens. My son will be 2 on March 28th. He too still takes a pacifier while he is sleeping. My husband and I have broken him of needing one during the day, but with our daughter on the way, I too anticipate our son wanting a pacifier more. I've already told him that when he really starts talking (more than a word here and there) that there will be no more "bink." Maybe that's why he isn't talking more!!!

[deleted account]

my daughter used to have a dummy (pacifier) she loved it so much then she got chicken pox and had them in her mouth so she didnt want her dummy because it hurt her mouth!!

she was about 16months.

but i was planning on taking it away on her second birthday i was going to collect them all up and pretend they all had to go to the "dummy princess" because its her birthday and she is a big girl and you have all new toys now,

maybe you could try something like that,

i know someone that took all the dummys to the park and left them there for "the birds".

good luck!!

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