Hitting and biting problems

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Does anyone have advice as to how to keep my son from hitting and biting when angry now before it becomes a problem when he is older?


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Thanks guys... I figured out something that works with the hitting... when he is mad he will walk up and raise his arm to hit but then I put my hand out in front of him and tell him "you only hit for high fives" and then he gives me a high five and starts laughing. so it takes his attention away from being mad. I am just trying to figure out the biting this... he doesn't do it often but still once in awhile he will do it but that is usually out of play... but still he does it and and it hurts and usually surprises you.

Ana - posted on 08/26/2009




you could also try holding onto his hands when he does hit. My 3 year old had an issue with biting, but it was when he was around 2. I tried everything from time out, putting him in his room, telling him no, no - bad boy (which usually works for anything he did wrong), nibbling him back (DON'T DO THIS - it teaches them that it is okay to bite back), spanking him, then I read in an issue of Parents magazine to try when the child bites someone, let them see how the biting affected the person he/she bit, then tell them that it was a bad thing, time out and also make them apologize. It worked wonders on my oldest.

As far as yours now, the hitting and biting could be an issue where he doesn't know how to express himself (talking yet), so this is his way. Whenever he throws tantrums, the best thing is to walk away.

Definitely though, let your child know that even though he/she was bad in biting or hitting that mommy still loves him. Also, be consistent on what you do. I hope this helps.

Casey - posted on 08/25/2009




you should enforce Time outs when he gets like that. Make sure he isnt influences by hitting... If you spank him it will teach him that its okay to hit... Dont ignore it though.

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