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Becky - posted on 05/06/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I nursed my son for a year and was able to transition him to whole milk using a bottle. I am having a hard time getting him to take a sippy cup. He will take a Nuby sippy if I hold the cup for him as if I were giving him a bottle. I'm trying to get him to practice gripping when he takes the bottle, but I want him OFF the bottle. Should I stop the bottle cold turkey and make him take a sippy? Oh, and he only takes his whole milk warmed up. I think he'll want lobster for dinner every night at the age of 5 as well. Please help!!


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Trisha - posted on 05/10/2009




my son wouldnt hold his own cup either till about two weeks ago, he probally can do it but lack the will or motivation to do it himself, i only gave him a bottle at night some of the time and he still eventually did it and now hes a pro. in my experience with him, when he wants to he will, and not a second before lol.

Julie - posted on 05/09/2009




My son was a preemie and has feeding issues. He is 14 months old (but was born 3 early). anyhow, he only takes in formula and yogurt and we go to the feeding clinic. His therapist there is quite anti-sippy and gave us a handout on how to transition him to a cup. If the child wants to drink without help, she recommends a lidded cup with a hole or slit down in the lid. Alternately, drinking with a lidded cup and a straw promotes sucking more maturely. No real need for them to drink from a sippy cup. I can probably scan it and send it, if you are interested...

Anna - posted on 05/09/2009




I also nursed for a year, and my dd took some bottles (advent) here and there. I found that the only sippy that she would take milk out of was the nuk by gerber. It has a very soft spout, softer than any other sippy I have seen. The transition was actually easier than I had anticipated. The nuk sippy is found w/ the bottles not in the sippy aisle. It has 2 handles for gripping as well. I would try reclining him on his own maybe on a pillow or in a little chair and give him the sippy. It's ok to warm the milk, my dd is a milk snob too and loves her milk warm! I also give her a totally different style of sippy cup when I give her water that way she knows exactly what she is getting out of each sippy. I found w/ my ds when he was little, he got very frustrated w/ the sippy as I started out giving him water in it, then switched to milk. He actually never took milk from a sippy. Our system with our dd has worked out well. Hope this helps, good luck!

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LOL. My daughter is 13 months. I had to ask her DR if it was ok to cold turkey it. She said yes, that when/if she/he is hungry enough, they will take it. I did have a few attempts, where I finally gave in, cause I was convinced she was starving to death. hehe, even though she was eating real food too. It took a good hour for her, one day, to finally take the sippy, but she took it from there on. The milk thing... same thing, we cold turkeyed her from that as well. That took maybe 30 minutes ( she was really hungry, I guess.), now she drinks, chocolate, strawberry and regular. She is on Lactaid though, due to Lactose Intolerence. Now, the lobster thing, she is very demanding, so that wouldn't surprise me. lol She will tell you "no, I don't want that" in a heart beat. I hope this helps.

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