Two problems with my two year old son

Jessica - posted on 03/29/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My first problem is that my son Conner wont stay in his own bed. Every time we put him in his own bed he gets up in the middle of the night and climbs in bed with us and when i try to put him in his own bed he screams and pounds. I have a night light in there for him but he still wont say in there, so i tryed letting him just fall asleep in the living room on the couch and that worked for a little bit but now hes back to waking up and coming in our room by us. Any tricks I should know about? I even got his own toddle bed and he use to sleep in it fine.
MY second problem is that Conner only wants to watch Barney. Its the same old movie over and over and I even tryed to get him into more things then just Barney to watch. If we turn the movie or show off she screams even if hes not watching it. Yeah Barney teaches him things...but its just getting too annoying to watch over and over. PLEASE HELP!


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These things are both habits and if they are irritating you then they need to be broken just like any other habit. The problem with breaking habits in small children is that they don't often respond positively and most parents want to avoid upset and confrontation at all costs and so avoid doing anything that will cause them.

If you don’t want him to do these things then don’t let him. You will have to put up with some tantrums at first but be firm and persistent. Tell him he needs to stay in his own bed before he goes to sleep. If he gets into your bed take him back, ignore the screaming and tell him that if he doesn’t stay there you will shut the door. If he gets out again shut the door. If he continues to scream give him a few minutes, go in put him back in bed (coz I guarantee he’ll be standing by the door) and leave (shutting the door). Keep doing this until he either gets the message and stays put, in which case you can open the door again, or he falls asleep. It may take awhile the first night but if you are persistent you will win.

As for the dvd issue, I agree with Antonia. If you don’t want him to watch it, don’t put it on. Our daughter gets fixated on certain programs for awhile and when we are sick of them they go away. Offer him a choice of alternatives. If he doesn’t choose then he gets nothing.

Just remember you are in charge...not him.

Emma - posted on 03/31/2010




My son Flynn did this often but it has subsided on its own, he will still climb in every so often its now only an early morning thing i think his dad wakes him with his alarm at 5 am and he he will come and climb in with me and go back to sleep. I must say i quite like the early morning snuggles.

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The bed thing you could solve by putting a gate in the door way... That way he can still hear you but can't get out... as for Barney... just don't give it as an option... My son is Wiggles mad or Diego and i just say no offer something else and if he doesn't want it nothing goes on... Good Luck

Antonia - posted on 03/30/2010




Have you thought about shutting his bedroom door at night so that he cant get to your room? He may still get up but if he has a toy he can get to he might be happy to have a little play and then go back down in his own room.

As for barney... my son used to love yo gabba gabba only. What did I do? NOT PUT IT ON!! If you dont like it, it doesnt go on. simple. Conner may not like it, mine didn,t he would cry and sulk but he got over it :) and now if i tell him its not on, its not on and thats that!

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