When can i let my baby gril stop the bottle .. and move to cups ..


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Ashley - posted on 03/25/2009




hi, i switched my girls onto straw cups at about 10months old and they don't have any bottles anymore...infact they refuse to drink out of them... just when your daughter is ready to switch

Nikki - posted on 03/24/2009




My son has started using a sippy cup at 9 mths. He caught on pretty well. He now has a sippy cup during the day and a bottle at nap/ bedtime. Every kid is different though. I would introduce it to her, and she will let you know if she is ready to try new things.

Alanna - posted on 03/23/2009




I am going through that as we speak...my daughter would not drink out of a sippy cup..but she would drink out of a regular cup without spilling any thing out of it. Acouple of weeks ago i cut her cold turkey and trew awaya ll of her bottles..when she woke up during the night i gave her sum water out of a regular cup...after the first three days she didnt even wake up for that..but you have to feed them more eith that...after i got her trained w/out her bottle..her dad say a sippy cup with a straw that i wish he never bought because she drinks it like a bottle she just doesnt wake up for it at night... shell be onein two days and i think im going to take her off of her sippy cup before the summer is over with.

Shannon - posted on 03/20/2009




I started with a sippy cup at 6 months and by the time he was 11 months i took the bottle away and never wanted one again.

Vanja - posted on 03/18/2009




I still nurse Emma at morning and night, and was exclusively breastfeeding for the first 5 months.  Once we started solids at 5 months I gave her water with her meals in a sippy cup.  So now she only drinks from a sippy cup. (besides the morning and night feed) She won't even take the bottle.

[deleted account]

Madysen started playing around with a sippy cup at about 9 months. She never really got interested in them until 2 weeks ago. I offered her straight juice from a cup and she got a small sip from it and got hooked. Now her juice is watered down again hah.

On her first birthday I took all of the bottles out of the house. And from that point on it was just sippy cups for her. The first day was a bit hard for her, she kept expecting me to grab a bottle for her, I would offer her cherrios when she wouldnt take the cup. The next day I put a little bit of chocolate milk into the cup with her milk and she gulped it down. I slowly put less and less chocolate milk into the cup, now shes got straight milk all the time and we have had no problems.

She's seen other babies bottles and hasnt whined about it or anything.

We bought 6 different types of sippy cups before she found one she liked. Once she got the hang of that one (only took a couple days) she was fine using any sippy cup.

Jennifer - posted on 03/17/2009




Hi! My baby's just turned 1 on the 13th and they have been off the bottle for almost two weeks now. We started giving them water in sippy cups when they were 6 months, they really didn't do much with the cup mostly just played with it. We tried all different types of cups until we found one that they liked. We have discovered that they prefer the spill proof straw type cups. Then we would offer juice or water at meal times in the cups only. We decided to start transistioning them to the cup only when we switched the to cows milk (2 weeks ago) We gave them only cows milk in the cup and at bed we gave them a bottle of formula. After a few days of that we took away the night time bottle. It wasn't easy I have to admit, they had a hard time settling down for bed, but it only lasted for 4 days. They did wake up throughout the night for a bottle and I would only give them water in it. After 2 nights of that they realized water wasn't worth it so now they don't get a bottle at all. Every child is different, some are on bottles much longer. I believe it is up to the parents as well to help break the habit, like I said before It isn't easy but as long as you are persistent it shouldn't take long.

Michelle - posted on 03/17/2009




Hi! I would say start slow. Let her play with one first. You may end up buying a few different ones before you find the one she likes. We started with Avent with the soft spout (white) and now he uses the playtex hard (but the cup is insolated so I'm happy). He also uses the rubbermaid straw cup. Some kids find it easier to suck those then the cups. We started with cups around 5mths and at 10.5 mths we were done with bottles--he has an older brother to copy though!!

Crystal - posted on 03/16/2009




I started transitioning my son with sippy cups around 9 months, with a bit of water (since he was consuming more solids then) he LOVED it... he will be 1 next week and has only one bottle a day, before bed, and uses sippy cups the rest of the day! But really take the cues from your daughter. Let her play with it a bit to be comfortable before you put liquids in it if you think that will spark her interest? Good luck!

Lorraine - posted on 03/15/2009




I say you let her try with cups whenever you want to. My daughter just turned one, but hasn't mastered the sippy cup just yet, so we still use bottles a majority of the time. I agree with the advice of Kayla and Lilliann. I expect in the next 2 months we will stop with the bottles.

Lilliann - posted on 03/15/2009




Since my son has abrother that is 29 months old we started giving him a Nuby cup at 6 months, he still gets 1 bottle a day. I am taking all bottles away in June, he turns 1 next week. I got our cups at Walmart

Kayla - posted on 03/15/2009




Follow her cues, as always.

We're currently working on moving from bottles to sippy cups as well.  My best suggestion is to get sippy cups with a spout that softer, like the bottle nipples.  Nuby makes fantastic sippy cups with soft spouts.  Here's the link -- http://nuby.com/products/cups/9684.aspx  Nuby is also a really affordable brand.

That's the stage we are at right now.  We've also bought a slightly harder spouted sippy from Playtex.  Here's that link -- http://www.playtexproductsinc.com/infant...  The great thing about Playtex cups is that all of the lids fit on all of the bottles.  We bought a softer spouted top and a taller cup and just mixed and matched the two.

We started our transition from bottle to cup when our son was about 11 and a half months or so.

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