Baby started crying whenever I leave the room?

Crystal - posted on 05/04/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all - I'm new here, but thought this might be a good question. Within the past week, we've been noticing that our 9 week old has been crying a lot more than normal...I mean a lot. My husband just figured out that he starts to cry whenever he doesn't have one of us in constant eyesight...and he seems to be right. The minute you step back in front of him, he stops crying! Now, I've heard that you can't "spoil" a baby with attention until he's 6 months...but it seems like our kid's got our number already!! Part of me, too, thinks he might just like the commotion of watching people around him. We were out to dinner with my extended family a couple nights ago and he was just as happy as could be - even when he was just sitting in his carseat in between people holding him. Did anyone have this problem? Is it true that we can't spoil him yet if we pick him up everytime he cries even though nothing's necessarily wrong?


Amie - posted on 05/08/2009




No he's not spoiled. =) Don't worry about that. Babies have short memories and won't remember from one time to the next that when you leave them you'll come back. When they are laying alone it's worse for them. I have 4 kids including my March baby. We always picked them up and snuggled them when they fussed. Their not spoiled and turned out fine. Our 5 week old is more cuddly than our others were. We've figured out though with her she likes the warmth. If we lay her down with a warm blanket she'll sleep peacefully or lay there and babble away. =) If she wants companionship though the warm blankets don't help. lol.

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