Been told there is no way of having a nice natural birth!!!!!!!!!!

Charmaine - posted on 11/02/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




I went to see my consultant on monday and i have been told that i will rip again! First one i was fine second i had 2 stitches and with my third i had 64 stitches. My consultant has told me i will rip again as the tissue hasnt had time to mend itself. has anybody else been told this or am i being fed a line?


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Kailean - posted on 11/16/2008




with my son i had about 50 stitched due to tearing, that was in 06

then i had my daughter in 08 and re tore the scar open and got about 20-25 stitches

i am now pregnant due in may 09 and they seem to think i will be okay to deliver naturally again... i know im going to tear again but the dr said tearing is nothing compared to a c-section... so i will just have to stick to tearing even though thats painfull enough... congrats with your pregnancy :)

Amanda - posted on 11/10/2008




WOW! I have never heard of someone tearing that much...especially if you had one child already! With my first one I just had what they called skid marks and nothing with my twins.

I am guessing if you had 64 stitches/2nd degree tear that it is probably true. The tissue down there seems like it takes a while to heal and is very sensitive. From what I read about 2nd degree tears it is also the muscles that are affected.

There seems to be a lot of women out there that have had this happen. I would try and google it. Good luck!

Charmaine - posted on 11/10/2008




it hurt but they did them small so it wuldnt be possible to notice but it was a second degree tear

Amie - posted on 11/03/2008




wow, now that's a scary thing to hear. With my first I tore inside and out, which was not pleasant, it was about 20 stitches in all. She's 8 now. With my 2nd I only tore a little and need just 3 stitches. He's 4 now. With my last the doctor told me to stop pushing because I was going to tear, kind of hard to when you're already pushing in the middle of a contraction, neways I didn't and I didn't tear. She's 1 now. Your consultant may think you have a chance at tearing but nothing can determine if you will or not until the head is about to pop through as far as I know. =)

Colleen - posted on 11/02/2008




I guess it would depend on how long ago you had 64 stitches. The tissue does need to repair itself and I can see the reasoning with what you were told. Tearing is probly gonna happen but how much is the question and no doctor can really put 2 stitch or 64 stitch guestimation on that. I mean, my son was born 7 years ago and I had like 10 stitches. My tissues have deffinitely repaired but does that mean I will tear again when my daughter is born? No, but I might.

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