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Kimberly - posted on 01/14/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Just wondering if anyone has used them, how are the newer types?? I was looking at a website called and the prices seem great, could save a lot of $$ over time and reduce a lot of garbage... just wondering if anyone has any feedback.


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We used cloth with my son (now 3 and done with diapers) and are planning to use cloth with our new addition. With my son we used primarily pockets. With #2 I have a combo of prefolds w/ various covers and found some small Bumgenius all in ones for a bit later. The prefolds are for at home, and all in ones for childcare (they are hesitant about the whole thing, even though they did it for awhile with my son). I was also able to cheaply get a newborn size stash without breaking the bank. I was able to pick up the Bumgenius through as 2nds at a great price.

We did not find cloth to be hard at all with my son, and switched when he was 2 months old. You end up doing so much laundry anyway that a few extra loads do not make a difference. And keeping a dry pail is so simple. It's great for the environment, great for the babies. I think my son had diaper rash twice in the cloth. I'm a huge fan of cloth, and hope more people find out how great it is! 

Rebecca - posted on 01/22/2009




LOVE cloth!! I have been using pocket diapers since my daughter was 3 months old (she is 27 months old now). We use Bum Genius and have been using the same diapers since we started, and they have held up beautifully even through being washed in hot 2x a week. We use gDiapers or Seventh Generation disposibles at night, which has worked well as far as helping sleep through the night. Check out any local stores where you can talk to them to find out the best solution for you, maybe even buy used on Craigslist or from somewhere that sells used. We have a great store here that will let you try out diapers and return them within 30 days, yes, even used! Check out - they have an online catalog and you can try out diapers.

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Love using cloth diapers.  We started with my daughter a year ago when she was 9 months and I totally agree with Emily - wish we would've started sooner!  But we will start right away with this one.  They are very simple to use, I always had this picture that they would be too much work, but I was so surprised when it really wasn't that bad at all!  But it's hard to come by people who will tell you that because most people do view it as too much work.

I also have a discount code at my store, RG Natural Babies for those who are also Due in March - it's for 10% off anything except for BumGenius Diapers and the code is : DueInMarch

Let me know if you have any other questions! Cloth Diapering is so much cheaper and healthier!

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I switched to cloth dipes when my son was about 13 months old, and I wish I'd started sooner! I use the "pocket" diapers, which are really designed very much like disposables. I find them easy & cute, my son finds them very comfy. I started with BumGenius 3.0 (one-size) diapers because they got rave reviews, but I actually didn't like them. I found that I prefer the snap closures to the velcro ones (my son could pull on the velcro), and they didn't fit the rise of my son's body very well... he either didn't have enough coverage in the front, or he had a "plumber's crack." LOL. So I actually sold those diapers and bought some Coolababy dipes - sold on Ebay, just search "coolababy." They're MUCH more affordable, have snap closures, are still one-size (fit 10-45 lbs., I think) and I love them. I have had to order a couple more inserts for them, so that I can use them overnight, but overall I love these diapers. I'll use them on my March baby once she's big enough to fit into them.

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I plan on using them with my baby when he is born. I have been recommended to use bum genius diapers. Get the one size fits all and they will last you until 30lbs I think. My girlfriends highly recommend them. They are great! Just google the name and you will find more websites with tons of diapers, good luck!

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